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Rocking the Spectrum – Transgender Aspie Unleashed is my journey through transition, autistic life with all it’s conundrums – hopefully with a few smiles making you see that in our essence, we are not that different, you and I.

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The navigation bar at the top is pretty much my brain in “webpage shortcode”. I invite you to dive in and hopefully leave a few comments and smiles on your way. But for a quick view at the latest piece from my hands and the pink blob that is my brain, just click the link below.


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Story-Telling – Creating Common Grounds

Over time, I have been asked multiple times why I do “that thing that I do”, referring to the blogging and why I’m writing about being transgender and autistic, here and on social media.The short answer is; because I can’t help it!The longer answer digs a bit deeper into a need for story-telling, st
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The Sunshine Blogger Award is somehow special, because it was the first nomination I got as a blogger. If you click the image, you will be redirected to my second Sunshine Blogger Award post. In that post you will read about a few of my quirks (there’s a lot!) and my interests besides blogging. Just to mention a few of the tasks that I was given in receiving the nomination.

Receiver of The Sunshine Blogger Award – Oct/2018 and Nov/2018

Coming Up

October 2019 I have been blogging “for real” for a year! In celebration of that AND the fact that I came out as transgender the summer of 2019, the little spot of mine on the great webz has been taken through some serious renovation and de-cluttering.

But I’m not done yet.

In the nearest future I will be working on a new subscription gift and an online webshop. Meanwhile – stay tuned – because I intend to make year 2 the best yet. And don’t forget to subscribe and join the Rocking Spectrum family.

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