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Rocking the Spectrum is about embracing and empowering who we are, regardless of spectrum and how we are placed on it. It’s about our stories; the minority voice within a society seemingly shaped for the majority.

The latest from Rocking the Spectrum

  • Story-Telling – Creating Common Grounds
    They say no man is an island. Answering the question on why I write, I claim that story-telling is a huge part of how we connect as human beings.

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Rocking the Spectrum was founded by Elias and the desire to write about autism and transgenderness in an authentic, constructive and positive way.
But you can tell you story too!
And it doesn’t have to be about autism or transgender life – maybe you are diagnosed with ADHD, maybe lupus, maybe you see life from the POC point of view? Or something else?
Head over to the collaboration page to read about your options as a collaborator and what it takes to be published on Rocking the Spectrum.

Help spread the word

Stories come alive when people are there to receive them.
You can help the Spectrum Stories by connecting and sharing on social media. Recently the official Facebook page was opened up and any help spreading the word will be so appreciated.

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