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Rocking the Spectrum is about embracing and empowering who you are, regardless of which spectrum you are on, and how you are placed on that spectrum.
I believe we learn from stories. Honest, authentic stories written by the people who know.
I myself write mostly about two spectrums:

  • The Gender Spectrum
  • The Autism Spectrum

The Gender Spectrum

My place on the Gender Spectrum is being a transman. Although not related to gender itself, I am a straight man, who believes gender and gender roles has much more to it, than the binary understanding that are currently dominant.
This is the place I myself write from, knowing full well that there are so many more ways to identify and live within the Gender Spectrum.
In time, it is my hope to create collaborations and share stories from people who identify differently, so the beauty of our diversity can become visible.

The Autism Spectrum

I was late diagnosed with Aspergers’ Syndrome in 2017 which evolved this blog from a private blog for the family to an awareness blog with readers from all over the world.
Asperger’s is a form of autism, that appears “higher functioning”, but holds a lot of invisible struggles. The term itself is on its way out, due to changes in the diagnostic system, so the real term is actually just “autism”.
I can only write from where I stand. Attempting to open the doors into the place I habitate on the autism spectrum. My truth is not the truth of any other autistic or person with autism – but there will likely be similarities.

I will work on and hope for future collaborations that will allow you, the reader, to get a more diverse and in depth understanding of Aspergers and the entire autism spectrum.

And all the other stuff….

If you are here for either transrelated or autism related articles, you will find these on their own pages in the menu.
The ROCKING BLOG contains all the articles put together; trans, autism, reviews, tips, miscellaneous ramblings… feel free to explore by using the search bar or the tags in each post.