Aspergers Syndrome

5 quick lists on Aspergers Syndrome

Below you are going to find 5 quick lists on Aspergers Syndrome, but I do need to point out that – like anything else on this blog – this is Aspergers from my point of view. I cannot and will not speak for others. I can only say many with the diagnosis will recognize some or all of these – but not everyone.
Use the following as a conversation piece, self-reflexion, guide etc.




Most common Aspie signs

Lacking or difficulty with eye contact
Passionate interest(s)
Strong focus
Struggle socially

Common co-morbids

Eating Disorder 
Selfharm/suicidal thoughts

Inside the Aspie Brain

10-lane highway/freeway in rush hour
Sensory issues; heightened senses and/or lack of filter
When everything matters, prioritizing is difficult
Lack of self-esteem and self-worth, eg. due to experienced short-comings
Energy is limited and rationed; selfcare needed to recharge.

The Workplace Aspie

Loyalty to company values
Reacts to injustice, lack of value etc regardless of hierarchy 
Always on time
High work ethics
Catches the finer details

Cool Aspie trades

Deep connection with animals
Experience childlike joy
Imaginary worlds/strong visual mindset
Quirky sense of humour 
Constant amazement of an incomprehendable world

As said – there can be huge differences between people on the autistic spectrum, my last post on belonging exemplifies that. You can also check out my post on The Alien Life, if you want to know more about how I have dealt with the undiagnosed Aspergers throughout my life. Or you can simply read My Aspergers, where I try to explain how Aspergers affects me. 
If you need more clinical and objective reads I will advice you to use your national autism center or just simply google search “autism”  – there are plenty of professional reads outthere. 
Take great care everyone 
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    1. Oh my visual brain just loooves that expression your son has. Never thought about it like that bit yeah – It’s pretty much staring at this huge wall that had been – shall we say painted coz I don’t know the spelling either – painted all over, no order, things overlapping… he is a little genious that one❤️

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