Autistic Bloggers

Autistic Bloggers

Below you will find a list of other autistic bloggers. In time the list will grow larger – if you come across an autistic blogger, that you feel should be mentioned here (or ARE you yourself an autistic blogger), I will appreciate a tip, so I can add it to the list.

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The Fellow Autistic Bloggers

Danish bloggers

Kim runs AspieK, a very informative blog for people with autism, their relatives and other interested. It’s a blog and infosite where you’ll find down to earth explanations about autism, links to therapy, to education options and lots more, including his blog. Thereby AspieK gives a little insight to the options we have in Denmark – and when we compare across countries, we just might learn from each other. Language Danish.

English speaking bloggers

Aspirational Autistic

Interdisciplinary World by Troy Camplin

The Stimmy Autistic by Neptune Frost

Aspergers & The Alien