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Blogger Recognition Award – and How Rocking the Spectrum started

There is a lady living under a much warmer hemisphere than mine (granted, finding warmer places than mine is a lot easier than finding colder), who one day decided to nominate me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Her name is Kat, Kattie….you might know her from, where she shares her two cents on feminism and fashion. And by that I mean, she shares some great two cents on the subjects.

You see, I’m not a big fashion girl myself – actually I spent most of the day before yesterday working my way through Zalando and Boozt and there was NOTHING I even remotely wanted to consider buying. I have a beef with fashion these days, mostly because I feel fashion for women apparantly has to show off a lot of skin, comes attached with the most ridiculuos little details – and the pockets – or lack thereof – just piss me off.
I’m serious, guys: bring on the goddamn pockets!!! And I’m not talking about that little excuse for a hole in which you can barely fit a coin.

There is a very simple rule in my book: if my phone doesn’t fitz, it’s not a pocket! You can advertise it as a pocket all you like, but it’s not.
5 pocket womens jeans are really only 2 pocket womens jeans – meaning, those on your arse! Which is not a practical place to store a phone – at least not with a memory like mine! I especially “love” the female version of cargo trousers – you know, those where dudes get huge pockets for storage on their thighs. Women get a fake pocket – or best case scenario, a super tight envelope where you can’t even put a pocket book! You know, those super small books, where the letters are small enough to hurt the eyes of anyone 35+ ….

BUT – to venture back to Kat and stop my rambling vendetta on the mainstream fashion industry (sorry about that):

I LOVE reading Kat’s adventures into fashion, her descriptions of fashion shows – for that very simple reason that it’s SO genuine, so filled with absolute joy that as a reader, you become infected with that joy. And while I may have my rants on the fashion industry, I look at those posts from the artsy point of view. I mean – the colours, the blends of fabric, the imagination – there is a certain fairy tale feel to it all.
Now ask yourself: how good a blogger do you have to be, to get a person like me, not really liking fashion, to actually read about fashion?
And then I haven’t even touched the important subject of feminism yet.

Right? So what are you still doing here? – pop over to and show an awesome human being some well deserved blogger love. Oh, and tell her, that I said “thanks” for this opportunity and the recognition.
Okay, okay, I’ll do it myself:

Kat – thank you heaps for nominating me. I love your spirit, your creativity, your poses (especially the Quay Australia Sunglasses-poses, those kitty glasses pulled out a dramatic side of you) – and your never failing authenticity. You’re an amazing blogger and a wonderful person.

So let’s get down to business – being nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award comes with a few tasks and boxes to tick.

The Rules of Blogger Recognition Award

  • You must thank the person that nominated you
  • Write a post on the award
  • In this post, you write about how you got started with blogging
  • Add two pieces of advice you’d give new bloggers
  • Choose 15 new bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Let each of those chosen one’s know that you have nominated them
  • ….and link to the post you created.

Easy peasy! So let’s crack those finger joints and get started, shall we?

Fairytales for Granny

I can feel your exhaustion move in on you!

“Oh, fuck, she’s starting with her Granny and she’s like…ooooold… herself!”

Ha!, I hear you, but bare with me for a sec – or two. Granny deserves her 15 in the spotlight too! And she’ll hate every second of it!

I have been writing for so long, I can’t even remember, when it started. Writing was always my communicational preference, because it allowed me to actually communicate properly, rather than choking on the words and getting confused by 10 strings of thoughts running wild simultaneously in my head. Of course, it’s only recently I understood why that was, but that doesn’t change the fact that I felt utterly useless and helpless (and still do) in verbal settings – and in writing I found (and still do) that I can actually make sense – sometimes even faster and more precise than verbal communications allow. I’m not fearful in writing. I’m not tied up by simultaneously trying to figure out the social setting, body language, tones of voices, oh, remember eye contact, you don’t want to be rude, and what’s that noise in the back, did I wear the right outfit, and I have to stop fidgetting with my hands, they are staring at me, wait, I missed a question, distract them…. aaaall while keeping a conversation going.

So – yes – writing is my way of breathing. Of connecting with the world, that will probably for the most part find me slightly awkward in person. Or maybe it’s my lack of self-confidence talking…idk!

Sharing writing – that is where Granny comes into this.
I remember sending her little fairy tales (this was back when you had to write by hand, people!) by the post (you know, that odd box hanging on your house wall – once upon a time that box could hold and give more than just boring bills).
And those were thick letters! Like, you could use them for a fucking pillow at night. God, I miss decent letters in the mail box!!!
Granny always encouraged me to write more, telling me she thought it was nice to read through those meticulously (and yet probably childishly shaped) letters, words and sentences.

That reception was probably the thing that sparked my author dreams. I could make Granny happy just putting words together – to me, that was more magic, than Harry Potter could muster many years later.

The point is of course, I haven’t always been writing. There were years where I focused on work, not many years ago – and it’s worth a thought that those years were riddled with depression, stress and anxiety.

After a break down in 2015 I opened a website,, where I wrote a bit about mental illness, because I found it was the best way to communicate to my loved ones what happened inside my head. It was random, not sceduled or with any kind of marketing, other than posting the new posts to my private Facebook account (which was locked down private, so you couldn’t share anything I posted).

In late summer of 2017, still in recovery of the latest major break down, finding my way and working myself out as an autistic person, something seriously changed.
Prior to that I had written an English post, a book review on Tania Marshall’s “I am Aspien Woman” – to which she responded. I started roaming Twitter, where I came across the entire Kavanaugh scandal and that triggered a post from me. In the close aftermath, I decided to do a Happy October theme, to counter-act the utter feel of hopelessness – and as I had started to see some English and American followers, I decided to do it in English.

Mid-October, at my temporary work at Special Minds, after having told her about my desire for working with the graphics online, with social media platforms and communication online, my contact person adviced me to turn my blog,, into a more professional setting. To use the blog for testing different visual expressions, to learn about the social media and how it works, to get a feel for advertising on social media and to create SEO optimized posts.

And that is how Rocking the Spectrum started to take shape to the blog, you know today – and I’m not done yet. It’s also the reason why my URL is so different from my blog name – because I started somewhere completely different – and I don’t know how to change the URL without having to talk to people I don’t know.

But all of this “still in the making” autistic lifestyleblogger universe started with my Granny, asking me to write more fairy tales for her. I only wish that I could actually show her, what I do now. Although all this social media would be very foreign to her, I think the fact that I now write as much as I do would make her smile. She’d look at my odd hair colours and nod and whisper “That’s my girl!” – you see, my Granny was a very special lady. Once I went to Frederiksberg Centret in Copenhagen and bought me some nail polish, a cobalt blue and a clear with fluorescent strings of glitter. My Granny was the first to try it! Nicked them out of my hands, she did!
Having had odd hair colours too when I was younger, I once visited her after having gone “in cognito” with normal brown, shoulder length hair and had a really nice time with her. After I got home, my mum told me that Granny had called her on the phone and told her, I had become boring. “She’s not supposed to look like everybody else”, Granny had growled, apparantly disappointed that my hairstyle was so mainstream.

As I write this, I can’t help thinking what Granny would’ve said about my diagnosis, had she been alive to witness it. I imagine she would give one of her disapproving signature growls (on the door to her bedroom was a sign saying “The Lion’s Cave” and that shit was real!) and said “You can call it whatever (tf) you like, I should think her birth name would be enough!”. You tell’em, Grams!

But that is a wee bit off topic, so venturing back ….

Around end October and during November, things started to move pretty fast. Graphically I started to find my mark on the blog and the world of the blogging community really started to open up – and guys, had I only known you were out there all along….

I don’t think I have ever met a more inclusive and supportive community, encouraging me like Granny did and pushing me on. I will never be able to explain in words the gratitude and awe this experience fills me with. You guys are touching my heart daily.

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Two Growls of Advice – Granny Style

My first growl is going to be about the people you engage with:

Don’t let anyone tell you which way to blog or be a blogger is the right way!
You are just as good a blogger even if your blog isn’t packed with affiliates (hey, your blog might even be more interesting for it) and even if you don’t have thousands of followers, or post daily or earn a specific amount a month.
Sweetheart, listen to me: if you create good content, if you have something to say and you take the time to create this message into content on your blog and get it out there – you are a blogger. Be inspired, by all means, but do not tell yourself, you’re not a proper blogger, because your site doesn’t look as clean and stylish as someone who has been in business for 5 years. Besides; polish aside, you might still have the better content (and don’t you forget it!).
Just because a girl wears a two inch layer of make up and knows how to photoshop her selfies, doesn’t mean she’s worth having a conversation with.
Same goes for the guys; they might have tons of photos with their big, oiled muscles, nanometric trimmed beards and (too) tight shirts and fake tan – doesn’t mean their company is worth your time.
If you create content worthy of attention, you will get attention – it might take longer, but you’ll get there.
Real people, you can relate to, will always be more interesting.

My second growl is linked to the first: never loose sight of who you are.
Guard your authenticity like it’s the most precious thing you have (and quite frankly, dealing with social media and the online presence, it IS). Don’t accept collaborations that are against your values or don’t fly with your particular brand.
When you get a mail saying that the person has read “ALL your content and you seem to have similar blogs and they just love your content”, then do me a favor and check their blogs out.
I have yet to find someone that were actually correct.
Don’t buy into empty flatter – and if you’re cheeky, call them out on it. Politely, of course. Like asking them which article they liked best and why… or ask them – curiously – for their perspective on how they find your two blogs similar.
It literally hurts my eyes when I see someone doing great content, and who suddenly, because of a misplaced collaboration/affiliation, seem insecure and desperate. Your collaboration choices can boost you – or dim your shine.

But hey, that’s just me. You need to figure out who’s YOU – and follow that path whereever it takes you. And have a blast while doing so! You get to do your passion – writing – on a regular basis. How frecking fucking awesome is that?!


Blogger Recognition Award on Rocking the Spectrum

Help promote these following 15 awesome bloggers and Kat from Femenish and pin this to your board

Siana-Rose Crawford at
Blogging constructively and genuine about mental health issues and guiding others to do the same.
A shout-out to Felecia Monique at
If you are looking for fashion, mommyhood and food in one place, this is where to go. There are also a few tips on blogging hidden there – and always great content.
Have a coffee with Dora at Swift Coffee
Ever needed inspiration for the next book to read – or a good reason (or excuse) for pouring that 7th cup of coffee? – Dora’s got you covered.
For another autie approach, check out Taylor at Taylor Linloff – Aspirational Autistic
With a very clean and tight layout, you are invited inside the autistic world with amazingly well written articles. This is one of the places I love to visit on a regular basis.
Books and attitude (of the awesome kind) is delivered by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek
What I really like about TTBG is the fact that when some BS happens on SoMe, he’s not afraid to call it out. And however rambling that may seem (he’s generous with his words) there is always good, well thought points to his messages – plus, you get inspired for your next read, while you’re at it. Pay him a visit – and follow!!!
Join Suzanne on
Fighting Fibromyalgia is not a piece of cake. It’s hard work, with an illness that so many people don’t really get. Suzanne is honest, no sugar-coating – and just has that heart of gold. Check out her shop too, while you’re at it.
Green fingers? You need to visit Dawn at
Actually, she just nominated me in another award, so you could say that this was inevitable. However, it’s more than just “returning a favor”. I know a bit about gardening but learn so much more and get so much inspiration from CrazyOrganicMama and she is generous with tips and tricks – and has a hubby to come up with the practical designs;) Furthermore, personally, I find Dawn to be one of the kindest persons I have ever met.
Mix it up with Vada on Ramblings of a Neurotic Writer
This blog is a just blend of the things that interests Vada, which just adds to the feel of just sitting down for a coffee and a chat. Personally I really love the thoughts she reveals on mental health and lifestyle in general. And you can never get too many book tips!
Welcome Sarah to her new home by showing love on Life It Or Not
My favorites are the blogging tips, that Sarah always delivers in a language that someone not techy as myself can understand. She even wrote a book!!! And I wrote a review about it!!
But you can also get tips for parenting, empowerment and travel. And she’s just such a nice person.
Get motivated by Mollie on Millennial Mascot
As someone dealing with mental health, I’m a bit of a sucker for motivational writings, be it quotes or full blogposts. Whether it’s overcoming self-doubt or body positivity – there are things to think about. Check it out for yourself.
Hop over to Entertainingly Nerdy and say hi to Kaili
She has got you covered in book tips, movie tips and gaming – in the nerdy fashion as she promises. Plus if you are a book blogger, I just read on Twitter that she’s seeking more bookblogger connections.

And now it’s time for my two favorite autism mamas (apart from my own!!):
Go visit Beth Anne on
Autism mama, recovering from eating disorder, passionate traveller – her Alphabet Dating posts are so inspiring and make you want to seek out awesome places yourself.
She just did an EDAW2019 week with a handful of honest, genuine posts on eating disorder.
Makes me cry everytime she writes about autism (the good kind of crying) – and it all comes with a beautiful package of visuality, amazing photos, that just soothes the eyes. Her blog should be a goddamn book, and I’d buy it!
Or let Kerry have your back at Herding Cats
Writing a shitload of reviews, I am amazed she gets time to do anything else but reading. But she does. Including posts on the educational system, specifically in regards to SEN children, that has made me wish for such awareness growing up myself. And she has numerous times given me Twitter comforts when shit hit the fan in my life – or I just watched Jurassic World. I love her heart and her passion for books and the genuine reviews she gives.

Or clear out the cobwebs with Troy at the Interdisciplinary World
A place I love to go to for feeding my head and when I don’t want to hear a thing about make up or beauty, is Troys blog, that is packed with articles of a more intellectual kind. As an autism dad (in every sense of the word) there are obviously often articles dealing with Aspergers of some kind, but not exclusively – however the brainfodder is consistent and very well written.
And closing off – but not least – on a completely different note, Katie inspires you to dive into your family ancestry at Storybook Ancestor
I have a pretty crazy family tree that made many classmates shake their heads in utter confusion when I was a kid. And I have some pretty badass and interesting grandparents – and there are things in all of this – including my own diagnosis – that calls on me to dig deeper. Katie gently takes your hand and guides you through the posts, that slowly but surely inspire you. I think her work and her blog is amazing, because it honours the history we all carry with us.

That’s all folks!

There are so many great and diverse bloggers out there that deserves a bit of spotlight. So I will ask YOU – yeah, YOU, not the ghost behind your back! – to think about who YOUR favorite blogger is. Who’s your go-to for recipes, tips, motivation, inspiration, reviews or whatever else you love? Who do you turn to when you want to read someone’s blog and the weather forecast says “rain all day”.
Do them – and us – a solid and throw their name in the comment section – no self-promoting, please!: This is about paying it forward in the spirit of Blogger Recognition Award….

Stay safe out there….

Luv ya :-*

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Stress Less Blogging, Rocking the Spectrum, Linda V Lind

My name is Linda and I set my eyes on the world for the first time back in the summer of 1978.
In 2017, after decades of struggling with various mental issues and illnesses, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an autistic spectrum condition. My most dominant co-morbid illnesses are depression and anxiety.
Born in Copenhagen, living several places throughout Denmark in my life, I’m currently settled in Northern Jutland, in the rapidly growing city of Aalborg. Here I worked a handful of years as a manager in high performance environments, until a mental break down in 2017.
Rocking the Spectrum is not a knowledge base on autism per se, but rather a peak behind the scenes, showing the life of someone autistic – in the hopes that it will help conversations and understanding along elsewhere on this blue planet.

I am not a professional health worker and any views and statements must be viewed as personal opinions and experiences only.

My special interests are languages and codes, music, books, urban gardening, animals – and writing is my way of breathing.

Proceed into the blog with caution – I swear a lot. Don’t blame my parents – they HAVE tried to improve my behaviour!

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7 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award – and How Rocking the Spectrum started”

  1. Thank you very much for the amazing shout out and the nomination! ❤️ I highly appreciate it. Keep rockin’ on! Your blog is awesome.

  2. Thanks so much, my dear, for the kind words! You’re too sweet! We HAVE to meet in person one of these days. I feel like we’d sit and talk for days about everything, anything and nothing and never run out of things to say!

    By the way, I would have LOVED your Granny. I had one similar who always, always, ALWAYS told me I could do and be anything I wanted. She was the one person in my life I could tell anything to and she’d never tell me I was nuts or it wouldn’t work or whatever. I miss her every single day. When I have more time (and less of a headache), I’m going to go back through this post and check out a bunch of these bloggers, so many sound fascinating!

    The things you say about what goes through your head just fascinate me because, although I’ve never been diagnosed with any type of spectrum disorder, my brain seems to work almost identically to yours. The being in social situations and wondering if you’re saying the right thing, if you look ok, if you’re reading the other person correctly, and all the thousands of other little rabbits hopping around in my brain when I’m talking to someone I don’t know well (and sometimes even with people I do!), it’s so familiar because it’s my brain too! Writing is sooo much easier. I’ve even been known to write letters to my husband when we’re dealing with something so I can get it out without stupid stuff interfering (guess that’s why we’ve been married 27+ years!). I just find it really interesting that so much of what you write applies to someone who is (at least technically) not on the spectrum.

    As always, another fascinating read that will require further study at another time! **hugs**

    1. Aaawww so sorry to hear about the head ache.
      I hope you feel well soon❤️

      And YES I imagine we could talk for hours on end It’s going on my bucket list. Although if I got to see the size of your garden I’d probably just camp there

      It’s a funny thing – no interesting – thing you say about how your mind works, because maybe that is one of the reasons I’m so comfortable with you.
      Not that I’m going to diagnose you or anything (waaayyyy out of my skill set) but there ARE people who recognise the trades within themselves for Aspergers and then research thoroughly and end up “identifying” as Aspies. One of the criterias for the diagnosis is that the trades causes mental illness in your life. But if one has managed to live life without those triggers, then it won’t show that clearly.

      Or maybe I should just listen to Granny, who would object to labels – period! The label doesn’t matter, the company does!

      I miss mine every single day too. Especially now as I’m figuring things out. She was always this low practical person, but with so much colour. Why do grannies have to die?

      Anyway, in my opinion they are awesome bloggers so do give them a check, but take care of that head ache first. Sometimes a heating cushion can do the trick…

      1. That’s what we need to do! You come visit me here and we’ll sit in my garden and talk for hours and days! See? That was easy!!

        I’ve not had trouble with mental illness (other than depression which doesn’t require medication) so really don’t know if there’s any aspect of Aspie’s there or not, but I do know I couldn’t (not wouldn’t, couldn’t) talk to anyone outside my family until I was 12 because I was so shy. Have no idea if that has anything to do with anything, but I imagine if I were growing up now, someone would have made a big deal out of it (thankfully my parents were low-key and just let me work it out for myself, which I did).

        Anyway, now I’m off to take a nap and deal with the headache. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you – and definitly. There are so many influences for us as bloggers and so many advice on HOW to blog – sometimes I think it’s important that we allow ourselves to be the blogger WE want to be. ❤️❤️

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