Mixed Tapes

Coloured tiles around image of type writer saying stories matter. Overlay with the title Story-Telling Creating Common Grounds

Story-Telling – Creating Common Grounds

They say no man is an island. Answering the question on why I write, I claim that story-telling is a huge part of how we connect as human beings.

layed image. image one shows four mannequins in black and white photo. rocking the spectrum logo spring version. layered textbox with highway background with the words The Fashion industry 2025. Can we have a revolution please

The Fashion Industry 2025 – Can We Have a Revolution, Please?

Have you ever walked into a fashion store, feeling like the items sold, weren’t really for you? The diversity of body shapes and identities lack in mainstream fashion.

Versatile Blogger award, bigender and sex change thoughts

The Versatile Blogger Award – Opening Up

Responding to the Versatile Blogger Award, addressing gender perceptions, nonbinary and bigender topics – and nominating 7 quality blogs.

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