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5 things I learned coming out as trans

5 Things I Learned Coming Out As Trans

I’m sharing 5 things I learned, coming out as trans – lessons I wouldn’t be without and that shaped me to be a better and more balanced man.

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The Fashion Industry 2025 – Can We Have a Revolution, Please?

Have you ever walked into a fashion store, feeling like the items sold, weren’t really for you? The diversity of body shapes and identities lack in mainstream fashion.

Versatile Blogger award, bigender and sex change thoughts

The Versatile Blogger Award – Opening Up

Responding to the Versatile Blogger Award, addressing gender perceptions, nonbinary and bigender topics – and nominating 7 quality blogs.

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Are we there yet…?

Lost at sea, you might see the slight hint of a beacon in the horizon – but when the entire coast lights their beacons and torches, you start paddling even after you thought you had given up. 

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