Rocking the Spectrum is always open to the idea of sponsors, business partners, collaborations etc. All adds must hold some relevance to my readers and the content of this site.

I will not approve adversitizing for quick loans, gambling, alcohol or smoking. 


You can sponsor this site as a donator. 
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Business partners

You can buy post reviews of your product, whether it is a testing product, released product, books etc. The price depends on length of post and the amount of time it will take to evaluated the product.
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You can also buy advertizing space on my blog and my website. Prices depends on size, timeframe and where you want the add to be.


I occasionally review the blogs of others in connection to #TheFellowBloggerPromo.
It is possible to order a review, if you don’t want to depend on the luck it takes to be randomly picked from The Jar.
The price is very simply an obligation to write a review back and do the agreed adversitizing. These reviews will be tagged #BloggerReview and will be advertized and pushed on my SoMe platforms. 

I’m interested in and open to other collaborational projects, such as guestblogging etc, so feel free to contact me if you have a good idea.