It has been one fucked up week! Again! A man has been confirmed to the American Supreme Court, in spite of allegations that were not thoroughly investigated. The division that created in the population, was celebrated by a senator with the words “I never get tired of winning”. In Denmark, our government wants to imprison 10 year olds – as if the burka/niqap ban and their entire “ghetto-plan” wasn’t enough. A woman heading a new radical right party supports a fellow partisan’s statements on “shooting at Muslims”. Division and hatred seems to grow everywhere.

Up until last night, Sunday evening, I had no idea how to continue this Happy October theme. But then I saw something that touched my heart.

You see, a week ago, the greatest musician we’ve had in Denmark, died. His name is Kim Larsen (1945-2018) and to anyone abroad, this might not ring the slightest bell. But he has created musical poetry for 5 decades, ultimately creating a soundtrack of our lives. I don’t think you will find a single Dane, who does not have a favorite Kim Larsen-song.

Yesterday evening, in honor and memory, Danish musicians and a national tv-station, DR, held a concert, performing his songs. The concert was held right in the middle of Copenhagen, at Rådhuspladsen (The City Hall Square), and thousands and thousands of people gathered to say goodbye, not only at the concert itself, but there were gatherings in 3 other cities as well; Århus, Odense and Aalborg – here people could watch the concert on large public screens. It was beautiful. No, beyond beautiful. That was one of his true gifts of entertaining: he could make people come together.

Sunday evening this happened one last time, leaving even the speaker on the tv station in tears.

That’s the magic that we can create, when we unite over something we believe in. Be it fighting for equality, against indifference to sexual assault survivors, or simply joining groups that reflects you (fellow autistics, fellow mental health sufferers, fan groups). Unity can come in many different layers. Some offer support. Some shared passions. Some wants to make a difference. Whatever the purpose, it tells us that we are not alone in this. The strength and clarity these unions carry with them, makes you wonder why we don’t strive to see eye to eye, politically. Why we are so hell bent on not searching for that common ground, to which we can all agree and from where we can start creating and building.

But today, I don’t want to talk too much politics. Today, I will encourage you to seek out – and cherish – something, that gives you the feeling of belonging. That something could easily be something as simple as your family or a very good friend that always has your back. It can be a stranger on Twitter that always has a supportive word for you, when you struggle. It can be someone famous that continously inspires you. Whoever it is, whatever group or unity – show your appreciation. Do not take things for granted. It may be a cliché, but we actually do eventually get back, what we give. Not from everyone – but the ones that don’t, don’t waste your time on them.

Does this mean that I don’t care or are now indifferent to the things that has happened this week?

No! It’s just means that for the time being, I’m going to let it go. I’m going to focus on what makes us humans beautiful in spite of the fucked up things we do. I’m going to gather light and strength from fellow minded for the winter. Literally and metaphorically.

Give a hug today. Let yourself be hugged. Not one of those vague, one-armed, awkward hugs – but an actual hug, that holds and connects. A bear hug! One of those hugs, where you instantly feel safe and somewhat refreshed. If you don’t like hugs (I know some fellow aspies really don’t like the touch), fret not: hugs don’t have to come in physical shapes. Ultimately it’s all about support and compassion. Then show that.

Most of you are foreign readers, so you’re not gonna understand the lyrics from the concert last night. But I’m still going to share it with you. Or pieces of it, at least. You may not get the words, but I’m sure you’ll get the feeling. Give it a chance.

First off, a Kim Larsen song from 1973, “Joanna”, performed by choir boy, Alfred. Next is “Tik Tik” (translates into Tick Tock) from the 80’s performed by Minds of 99. And finally because Kim Larsen were more than ballads – a lot more – I added “Rabalderstræde” (roughly translates into Ruckus Street), from 1975 performed by Danish rock band Magtens Korridor (you should check them out too, if you like rock music)….just to finish off with a bit of a party. Hey, it’s Happy October, remember?!

Enjoy – and have a lovely day.




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