Today I’m going to show you my work day. I’m recovering, as you may know, from a huge mental break down and learning how to live and function with my Aspergers diagnosis without breaking down again. I’ve reached a point, as mentioned in “Shout out to the ones we love”, where I once a week work 3 hours at a place called Special Minds, a company that is focused on getting neurodiverse folk like me back on track. I usually look forward to it – and so did I yesterday. But the cost can sometimes be pretty harsh in lacking energy to do anything else that day or the day after.

One of the things I really enjoy about it, especially the last couple of weeks, is getting ready in the morning. It feels immensely good to dress up and put on make up, I love walking to the bus, feeling like I’m slowly becoming a part of the world again. Yesterday is was a particular foggy morning, so the city was bathed in moisty cotton air, which makes everything seem soft – and somewhat taken out of a horror movie. I’m not super skilled in the make up department, but I still make it work. The glasses…oh, My Lady has been on my tails about those… I usually “forget” them, going out, but for the past couple of weeks, I have told myself to wear them when it’s work day.

When I get further into the work and get actual asignments to do, I wont be able to tell you about it, due to confidentiality agreement. However, these days, I’m working my way through a variety of computer programmes, to give my contact person a clue on my level in the different areas. Turns out that I’m a pretty quick learner. What I’ve shown you here is a 3D model of a house I made about 3 times ago. Since then I’ve been dabbling with building pyramids, book cases, and last, recreating my office – all on the screen, mind you. Next up, I’m venturing into Gimp for the first time, so we’ll see how that goes.

Now this Happy October post is going to be about making recovery actions a little easier. Because it is hard work, even if the people around you, don’t always get it. It takes it’s toll and it takes time to build yourself back up to a functioning level, that is somewhat identical to what’s considered normal. So yesterday, in the aftermath of my Day of Selfindulgence post, I changed the game a little bit. Instead of just hitting the couch and waste time on social media, I went straight to the kitchen and had a coffee. Last Wednesday, I had a smoke but if you follow my No Smoking Field Reports, you’ll know that this is no longer an option. So I took some time with the coffee cup instead. Then I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face. I know, not that many hours earlier, I’d just put all the make up on, but still, I cleaned it off. Scrubbing my face with cleansing soap, and then covering my face for half a minute with a warm cloth. After that, and a sip of coffee, I put on this lemon mask, a peel off (which is what I prefer, mask wise) and it was actually the first time, I’d tried lemon in a face mask. Mmm, it was niiiice and refreshing.

Face masks takes a little time to work. So instead of just doing the dishes or something else of the multiple tasks awaiting, I went to bed, turned on Spotify on a relaxing piano playlist – and very quickly two of three cats joined in and went to “wellness” with me. So there I was, beautiful piano melodies in one ear and cats purring in the other. I can’t really think of anything more relaxing than that. Peeled of the mask when it was done, washed residues off with warm water, dried the skin and rubbed my face in a little bit of scented oil – and went back to bed and turned music and cat purring back on.

I believe that it’s really important that we give ourselves those little spaces of pure relaxation, especially if you are in a recovery process. At first, you get to think a lot of constructive thoughts, but then even your brain settles down and embraces that calmness. And for the first time, since I started on Special Minds, cooking on Wednesday was not an overwhelming task to get through. And come night time, I slept like a baby!

You can listen to Classical Unwind here⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Random? Well, try it out too, and we will find out.

Right now, I’m reaching that point in a post, where I start craving for a smoke, so I’m going to finish off here and distract my thoughts with some music.

My very best wishes to all of you. Have a fantastic day, whereever you are. And take no shit from anyone. Luv ya❤️

This post is a part of my “Happy October” series, that started October 1st with “Litter boxes and rainbows”. You can get notifications on new posts, by subscribing to in the sidebar. Wanna see the other posts of Happy October, you just click the tag “Happy October” in the sidebar or use the search bar. Feel free to comment or share your own rays of sunshine in the section below.

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4 thoughts on “How to make recovery easier”

  1. Recovery is a process. I appreciate you being so vulnerable and sharing the difficulty in implementing things. Keep at it. Keep doing those things that bring you joy and to keep you mind refreshed and healthy. Praying for the road ahead. Celebrate the small victories. #celebrationiscentraltolife

    1. Thank you so much for those encouraging words. ❤️ The most important thing for me is to – in whatever way I can – make the process, the struggle and the victories visible to both people who may not know how mental illness can feel like, AND those that do know how it feels, but occasionally, like myself, feel alone in the battle. When I share what makes things a little easier for me, it is my hope that it may inspire other to seek out what keeps THEM going. It’s not easy, it never is, but some things can make it easIER.
      And trust me, I celebrate all the victories I spot. Thank you so much for taking the time to send those encouraging words.

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