Let’s Collaborate!

Rocking the Spectrum is based on stories – the stories that resonate with our readers. Stories to change, educate and send out words of embrace to anyone who may need it. Words to make you smile on a rainy day. Voices to keep you company, so loneliness can take the backseat for a while.
If you want to contribute, then find out here, what it takes to collaborate with Rocking the Spectrum.

How can I collaborate with Rocking the Spectrum?

We are always open for new suggestions or ideas on collaborations, that can either enrich the blog content or benefit our readers and/or subscribers.

Ways to collaborate at this moment is by content contribution, sponsoring give aways or discounts codes for products/sites that may benefit our readers.

Content Contribution

notebook and fountainpen with the text become a contributor

Rocking the Spectrum is as said built on a foundation of stories. Real life stories with hard learned lessons or highlighting certain issues, that the writer wants to share with whoever may benefit from it.

We are interested in strong stories from people of various backgrounds with marginalised status. But that’s not all; maybe you are a manager, who has a great story about how you’ve secured a marginalised person work? Maybe you are a teacher, who successfully created awareness on a specific relevant subject? These stories are important too, because they serve to inspire people, who may not yet have found their own solutions. They serve to normalise thinking diversity into areas, where marginalised people often feel excluded.

You can be a one time contributor, contribute a few times or be a regular contributor (writing at least 6 new articles a year).
To become a contributor to Rocking the Spectrum, there are a few things you need to be able to check off the list:

  • You can write about your story or topic engagingly to a wide audience – not only your own “group” of people. For instance, being a trans person, you don’t only write to trans people on Rocking the Spectrum – you write to all kinds of people.
  • Your writing skills (spelling and grammar) are above average.
  • You agree to have your story edited with SEO optimation in mind. Read and follow the basic SEO guideline to make your draft as sharp as possible.
  • Contributors will appear with a realistic photo on the RtS Contributors page, including a short bio of your own chosing. Links to your own blog or social media is welcomed.
  • It is recommended that you have your own social platforms, where you can share your published story.

Sponsoring give-aways or subscriber discounts

image of gift wrapped held out with the text sponsor give aways and loyalty discounts

You can also collaborate by sponsoring give aways to be advertised on Instagram or by offering a discount code for the RtS followers/subscribers.
This will give you a chance to create some attention to your brand and product, while also supporting the diversity work this blog aims for.

A give away sponsorship or discount sponsorship will always include an article about either the product or the brand, which will be posted prior to sponsor launch and re-marketed during the event. Any already existing material might also be part of the marketing, depending on our agreement.

A few things for sponsors:

  • Your brand must hold some of the similar values as Rocking the Spectrum (read The Rocking Spectrum DNA)
  • We are specifically looking for products and offers that makes life and/or goals easier for our readers.
  • Due to GDPR and authenticity insurance any give away products will be shipped/sent from RtS to the winner. Therefore, same products must be received, at sponsor’s cost, at RtS before initiating give away.
  • RtS will, in terms of give away, cover and handle shipment from RtS to winner.

How to collaborate with RtS…

I announce openings for content contributors in my newsletters and then on my social media.
If this has your interest, signing up and following the social platforms of Rocking the Spectrum will be a good idea to stay updated on new openings.
You can read more about signing up here

Sponsorships is always welcome and all you gotta do is write to


and introduce the product or service you want to donate and we’ll get back to you within a few days.

What if you have a story ready and there’s is no opening announced?

You are always welcome to send an unsolicited draft to RtS.
However, make sure you don’t send the full and finished article.
The unsolicited draft should include pitched idea, who you want to reach, a few points and a brief summary of the conclusion.
If the story sounds interesting and relevant for RtS, we’ll get right back to you.
Send your draft and pitch to


We look forward to working with you.