Let’s Collaborate!

Rocking the Spectrum is based on stories – the stories that resonate with our readers. Stories that changes, educates and sends out words of embrace to anyone who may need it.
Do you want to contribute, then find out here, what it takes to collaborate with Rocking the Spectrum.

How can I collaborate with Rocking the Spectrum?

You will find several ways to collaborate with and support Rocking the Spectrum in the future.
Right now, it is only possible to collaborate via content contribution.
In the future it will be possible to open for sponsors, affiliate partners, patreons and donations and maybe more.

Content Contribution

Rocking the Spectrum is as said built on a foundation of stories. Real life stories with hard learned lessons or highlighting certain issues, that the writer wants to share with whoever may benefit from it.
To become a contributor to Rocking the Spectrum, there are a few things you need to be able to check off the list:

  • You can write about your story engagingly to a wide audience – not only your own “group” of people. For instance, being a trans person, you don’t only write to trans people on Rocking the Spectrum – you write to all kinds of people.
  • Your writing skills (spelling and grammar) are above average.
  • You have a good grasp on how to create SEO friendly content or will agree to have your content edited for a higher SEO score. You will always have to aprove of the result, before publishing. Read the SEO guideline for the basics, you should keep in mind.
  • You are comfortable with being added to the RtS Contributors page. For this you will need a realistic photo of yourself, a short bio or statement and if you choose, social links and a link to your own blog, if you have own.
  • It is recommended that you have your own social platforms, where you can share your published story.

I will apply for contributors every once in a while on Instagram, Facebook or in my newsletters. So if you want to know when I’m looking for new contributors and which subjects, it is a good idea to follow either platform and/or sign up for the newsletter.

How it works…

Whether you respond to one of my applications or you choose to send a pitch idea unsolicited, there is a simple procedure.
You can open or download the checklist and use it as a guide for your application.

Sometimes we have great stories to tell – but maybe not the skills to write it down engagingly. That is okay – and it doesn’t make your story less interesting. I offer the option to be interviewed by mail correspondance