I’ve spent most of the morning procrastinating on Twitter, looking out of the window and watching the rain pour down – but I gotta get to it. In all honesty, I’ve procrastinated for so long, that I forgot what I intended to write to you guys in the first place!

So I’m going to just tell you about something that makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. If you haven’t read it yet, go back to “Litter boxes and rainbows” – you’ll get a pretty good clue….

You read it?


Oh, you already know I rarely write short posts that can be read in 3 minutes!

Well, just indulge me and click the link – I can’t see if you actually read it!

You have my apologies – I’m in a fierce fight with snot, flu and cigarette cravings and that tends to make my mind a little… shall we say, off. Of course, whether you click the link or not, I am going to tell you anyway. Besides the title of this damn post is pretty much selfexplanatory so there you have it – I told you, my mind is off!

I’m encouraging you to click the link, because with that post I started my Happy October and although I’ve had my downs too this month, I’m pretty stoked about what this project has done for me – but I’ll sum that up in the recap at the end of this month, don’t you worry.

For now, let’s talk about lights. I mean lights. The kind that enchants your eyes and leaves you staring at it like everything else doesn’t matter. You know, that kind of lights! No?

Well, lights happen to be one of my autistic weirdo trades. And since I forgot what I wanted to write in the first place, I will let you in on a little plan of mine.

At November 2nd 2018, Salling, a Danish high end shopping go-to, is lighting up their Christmas lights. The featured photo for this post is taken from Sallings own webpage announcing the event. You can find it if you click the link here.

It’s an annual event, every year the store lights up their Christmas light decorations, followed by a concert and stuff like that. As you may have guessed, I’m just in for the lights!

I really don’t like Christmas all that much. It tends to exhaust me with all the expectations, the gift hunting (and this year, being somewhat broke, it just sucks) and holidays, that ruin my safe and soothing daily scedule. But Christmas – luckily – come with lights. Lots and lots of lights. From big store fronts to the sweet decorations in front lawns of civilian houses. And for a month or two, it kind of push the darkness of the season away.

I usually don’t attend this event, because of the massive crowds of people – but I’m going this year. It may be uncomfortable, but I’d just like to give myself the treat of seeing those lights come on.

A bonus thing I just discovered, which is another annual event of Aalborg (which to me is the most beautiful city in Denmark), is that on November 17th, Santa comes to town.

Well, actually, it’s someone posing as Santa Claus, and he arrives on a red boat on our habour front, visits the Christmas village – and the big Christmas tree will be lit up! So I wrote that into my calendar as well – so I guess, you can look forward to a few more nerdy posts on lights!!! Again, there’s going to be a lot of people – this time, children, which is not going to make things better. But I hope I’ll be able to deal with it.

You see, if I manage to find the means to pay for the ticket to see Slipknot the summer of 2019, I might as well start practising my crowd-tolerance. I have a theory that once the Nine hit the stage, I’ll forget everything about where I am and my dislike of crowds. So, attending these events, with the promise of lights, might give me some indication of whether that theory could actually hold. Would the anticipation be enough to take my focus of the crowd and the noises of it? I guess, there is only one way to find out.

Before I leave you for today, let me just say that on my Instagram profile, I recently uploaded a video of a skull with LED lights. You can see it here. If you don’t follow me on IG and would like to, you can find me on instagram.com/lindlind1978 – I tend to upload pictures of things that intrigues my eyes.

That’s it for today – I will go nurse myself for a bit and hopefully see some improvement healthwise soon.

Take care of yourselves out there…and if I do remember, what I intended to write, I will get back to you :-*

This post is a part of my “Happy October” series, that started October 1st with “Litter boxes and rainbows”. You can get notifications on new posts, by subscribing to lindavlind.dk in the sidebar. Wanna see the other posts of Happy October, you just click the tag “Happy October” in the sidebar or use the search bar. Feel free to comment or share your own rays of sunshine in the section below.




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