In lieu of the past days of Kavanaugh news, a Danish member of parliament on national TV verbally kicking a man too ill to take on a fulltime job, an aspiring member of parliament supporting statements from her own party that “migrants should be shot at” – AND the death of our highly beloved national rock troubadour, Kim Larsen (1945-2018), I think it’s time to pause, stop and regroup. This is Project Smile! The dark and freezing cold Scandinavian autumn and winter is upon us and we need to stock up on some fucking LIGHT!

This morning started like most mornings. The 3 kids (which are cats – don’t judge!) woke me up at about 6am, ready for breakfast. As usual I delay getting up, because due to the medication of two of them, they are not supposed to have their breakfast at least until 6.30am (but if I actually get up, they will start wining until they get it!). So I wait until about 6.2oam and the first thing I do is get the coffee going. Then I clean the litter boxes, because the feline babies know to empty their system before food. Yeah, they’re greedy ass hats, but I love them. After that comes the puzzle of prepping their food. One has diabetes and arthritis and needs special food for that. The second has cystitis, and has another type of food. Both of them gets pain reliever in their food, that I need to make sure they eat. The third and youngest is well though, but a little overweight, so I’m watching his portions. When those three portions are made, it’s time to serve them, which is essentially a matter of life and death, as I’m juggling three bowls, walking to the living room, where they eat, while having three famished (yeah, right!) cats circling every step I take. Having survived that, the first (and old) one, gets her diabetes injection, because when she eats, she doesn’t notice a goddamn thing. You could probably give her a rectal exam and she’d still be eating happily (not that I tried though).

By then it’s time for ME. Pour the first half cup of coffee, let it cool a bit, while I myself hit the bathroom. Wash my hands and place myself by the kitchen window with my coffee and a smoke (yes! I know I should quit. And I WILL – when I grow a spine!). This gives me about 10 minutes of peace, before the Lady of the House gets up, and I start preparing her coffee, while she slowly comes to life… or rather, I prepare her sugar with coffee and milk (sorry, hun, couldn’t resist!).

When I say this is like every morning, it’s actually not quite true. Because it’s October 1st, which means we can turn the heat on in doors. Well, actually you can do as you please, but I have this thing, a very rigid thing, that the heat only comes on between October and April. They invented sweaters and cozy socks for a reason! But the last couple of days beforementioned Lady has complained about the coldness of our nest, so I thought I’d surprice her. So in between manouvering with cat food, litter boxes and ME time, I went through the apartment turning up the heat in every room, toilet first, because then she would get up and feel warm and nice. Well guess what? She didn’t notice! You try and do something nice, and then – nothing!

In all fairness, last week, I didn’t notice her new coat on Sunday and the new glasses on Tuesday… so I guess we are somewhat even.

So, we each do our thing in the mornings. We don’t talk a lot and basically just run through the news on each our screens. We are kinda quiet in the mornings – also in the mornings. This is an introverted household, mind you. And you don’t talk unnecessarily to any of us the first hour if you hold your life dear. Especially me. It’s not a written rule, no, but all you neurotypicals build your lives on unwritten social rules, so you should get how it works.

Normally, after the Lady has got herself ready, I kiss her goodbye at the front door, wish her a good day, while being slightly jealous, that I’m still not well enough to maintain a job. But this morning, just before she left, I saw something! And it got my brain all jiggly and bouncy. The sun had come up, a slight rain fell – and a beautiful rainbow (actually a DOUBLE rainbow) shone in the horizon. Now if there is anything that can get my aspie/autistic mood shoot as fast as the Millennium Falcon it is LIGHTS. Any kind really. Rainbows included! Even the sun, though it also hurts my eyes (which is why I prefer sunrises and sunsets). Candle lights, Christmas lights, those light cannons circeling the sky at events, fireworks, stars, the moon, coloured lights…hell, even the newer cars, when you start it, the entire electronic LED dashboard lights up like a space ship, making it pretty easy to become Han Solo, switching into light speed, off to do my bit to save the galaxy with Leia and Chewie by my side and R2 and 3PO nagging at each other in the backseat. “Shut up, you two – look at the rainbow!”.

Now, I don’t know how the myth of the treasure started although you could probably google your way to that kind of trivia, but it IS immensely fascinating that something so bright and clear and seemingly solid cannot be reached. Trust me, it can’t. I tried multiple times as a kid. To me, the treasure is knowing that true beauty cannot be owned, only appreciated. You can’t buy it, achieve it – or sell it. It’s there when you least expect it and the fact that you see it, makes you feel momentarily priviledged. In awe. Rich. Lucky. Something I believe you cannot achieve by thick bank accounts, passing fame or high profile careers. We are a dying breed and rainbows are going to hover above our graves long after we’re gone. Okay, that got a little dark…

What I’m trying to say is…

One rainbow (a twin) completely evaporated the enormous amount of shitty news, I’ve read over the course of this weekend. I’m not saying that the rainbow itself, will make the world – or rather humans – better. We are kind of a fulltime job to take on, AND it’s underpaid and mostly unappreciated (as those of you trying to spread positivity, inclusion and equality will know).

I AM saying that this morning I realized that I could not remember a single tweet from the weekend, that WASN’T about “lazy immigrants”, “opportunistic refugees”, “violent black people” or “whining rape victims”. I remember a shitload of protests to those claims, which I guess is the brighter side of things, but the wrath, the hatred, the ignorance seemed like a swamp of slimy bugs and I was knee deep and sinking, screaming “ARTAX, NO!”

Can you keep a secret??

I usually say that no movie has ever made me cry, not until Infinity War. That is not true. Atreyu loosing Artax in the swamp made me sob for days. And I sobbed all over again, when I read the book afterwards. In my defence, I was just a little kid, before they put age limits on the covers. Remember Falkor the Luckdragon? You would not believe how many times my imagination has taken me on journeys with Falkor. That made me cry too – however on a different note.

Maybe that is what we need? Two spoons of jediism, three cups of Atreyu and a touch of super power.

Or maybe we just need to open our eyes? Let our gaze reach beyond our smart phone screens, the tabloid news papers and the occasionally somewhat biased TV Breaking News.

Appreciate the tattooed teenager aiding an old man across the intersection. Appreciate the lady at the check out register, because she chooses to smile and wish you a good day. Appreciate the art we are given for us to enjoy. Appreciate that maybe your fucking laundry keeps piling up, but your Lady told you, she loves you. Or your cat did. Or your dog….wruff!

Or maybe you just saw a rainbow.

Tweet that. Add some flowers to the swamp. Help Atreyu get Artax to safer grounds. Gather around in a circle and hold each others hands and … scratch that. But seriously, I would love to read about your imperfect mornings, the awkward conversation with your teen kid on safe sex, the music that literally blew your mind, the sales assistant you smiled at in the grocery store, because she/he was kinda cute and you felt like a silly teenager again (oh, don’t give me that, unless you’re a fucking android, it happened! I promise, I wont tell anyone).

Even out the balance a bit. If you’ve retweeted 20 moronic Trump quotes today, maybe it’s time to do a selfie with your dog and tweet the outsome. Preferably the odd one, where the pup tries to appreciate your attention by throwing a thankfull tongue up your nostril. Yes, I know you look stupid. You’re human, looking stupid is our trademark. The dog on the other hand is hug-cking adorable!

Honestly, I don’t really know if I made my point or made the slightest bit of sense. I just wanted to share the rainbow with you…you will find it at the top of this post. ;-*

Luv ya!

This post is a part – and the very beginning – of my “Happy October” series, that started October 1st 2018. You can get notifications on new posts, by subscribing to in the sidebar. Wanna see the other posts of Happy October, you just click the tag “Happy October” in the sidebar or use the search bar.

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