Merry Christmas

If you’re reading this, you have given yourself some “ME-time”, you’ve allowed yourself to sit down for a second – or 15 minutes. I’m grateful that you are choosing to spend some of that “ME-time” with…me. Today I’m giving a quick recap of some of my previous post, I’ll give you a little glimpse of how my Christmas will go, talk a little bit about subscription, but not too much, because we want to get to the Christmas present I’ve prepared for you, before I let you in on some of the plans in the nearest future of Rocking the Spectrum. 

How To Survive – Recap

You may already have read my previous post How To Survive Christmas with the extra organizing printables, but repetition is sometimes priceless. 

As you are reading this, I’m in MY Christmas celebrations (Dec 24th in Denmark), while some – maybe you – celebrate at 25th – either way, it’s just around the corner and last minute to-do’s are piling up. 

Remember, what I wrote to you last time: ask for help and/or delegate. You are not supposed to manage and execute Christmas festivities all by yourself – Christmas, being a season of love and compassion, is the perfect season for teamwork. And prioritize and evaluate the necessity of the tasks ahead – are they really important? 

Okay, so you agreed to make cookies – but does it have to be 4 different kinds? 

Does the dress you planned to wear no longer fit? Wear something else. To tell you the truth, I can never remember what people wear on Christmas – I don’t care. But I remember their presence, the laughter, a certain joke or a helping hand. Keep that in mind before the outfit stresses you too much. 

It would be cool if you jumped back on How To Survive Christmas, page view wise from my perspective – but time is off the essence and I will not take any longer of your time than necessary…

So here’s the free printable TASK LIST and My Strategies from my previous post – just incase you’re in need of last minute sceduling or forgot about the strageties to cope. 

A glimpse into my Christmas

As I mentioned before, as you’re reading this, I’m neck deep in Christmas. I’ll be somewhere between getting ready and trying to do the tie right and Christmas dinner.

My Christmas Day (Dec 24th) is going to start with me getting up really early – and yes, of course I have planned out the first part of the day meticulously. So rise and shine at 6am, dye my hair green (no, not a joke, I fully intend to do that!) and just doing my regular morning routine. 

2 hours later I’ll be walking to the train station which will take about 20-30 minutes, to catch a train to take me down south to the central of Jutland. I don’t know how many people will be on the train – I’m hoping it’s early enough to avoid Christmas rush hours – either way I have booked seats, to I will be able to sit in my favorite spot. Usually the seats are facing each other two by two, but this particular spot only has the one side. Yes, I’ll be facing a wall, but I prefer that over other people – besides, I still have window seats.

In Ă…rhus, I must depart the train, walk to the central busstation and find a bus to take me to my mums’ place. I should be there at lunch time. By then, due to possible stress and anticcipation and sensory issues, I’ll will probably be tired already. So – if I’m lucky, maybe a quick nap. 

Christmas itself will be held at my big brothers’ place and this year it will be rather unformal. There are no presents as you know them, but we each bring a small, modest present for a gift game. Meaning we take turns at rolling a dice, and when we get a 6, we can take one gift – eventually “stealing” from each other until a timer rings. 

It is probably as expectation free as it can get. We will be 9 people in total. 

But I am pretty sure that once I “land”, it will be cozy and a loving atmosphere. And some of the things that usually freak me out won’t even take place this year (such as opening a gift and not knowing the correct thank you procedure)

Oh, and outfit-wise I’m going to wear my favorite ripped jeans (that got a little too ripped and now has safety pins in them), a black button shirt, a tie (haven’t decided which one yet), black nail polish, green hair and possibly my hair pin antlers. Hair is going to be a simple pony tail and some hairspray to keep the shorter strands locked. I estimate that including the make up it will take me about 15-20 minutes to get ready. 

I used to stress about these things – but learning after my diagnosis, that my energy was limited and more importantly, what burned the energy, this is actually the first Christmas, where I am 100% commited to take care of myself and secretly inside tell any expectations to fuck off. 

Usually I’m recovering from Christmas still at the end of January – it will be interesting to see how things turn out this year. 

Found this pin from on Pinterest if you’re interested in Danish Christmas traditions.

Christmas fatigue?

Christmas has been particulary rough this year; not the event itself, but being on social welfare and feeling inadequate and still being in recovery, I have had NO energy whatsoever to consider Christmas. Just the word could make me tired and annoyed. So if I have been a bit snarky in some of my comments, rest assured it’s nothing personal – I just got really fed up with Christmas really fast. I’m sorry, if that happened. 

Struggling with Christmas and the season in general can be a reoccuring annual thing or it can vary in intensity. 

You’ve already seen some of my advice in How To Survive Christmas, but I have made a commitment for 2019 to my subscribers – that when we reach September, I will revisit the post very briefly, for those of you that might need a good head start. And then I will try to hold your hand all the way through, as best I can from my digital place. And don’t worry, I won’t forget: I have sceduled it in my calendar and I’ll add some extra planning printables when the time comes. This is only for subscribers so if you are struggling in general, consider subscribing. Until January 31st, you will receive a FREE New Year Meditation when you subscribe. 

(article continues after subscription section)

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I have a little something for you….

I mentioned you’d get the New Year Meditation when you subscribe, right? Well, I have made a little exstract of said Meditation, four of the pages, 2 from part 1 and 2 from part 2. So not the entire prints, but enough to be both useful and informative on what to expect. 

I hope that these pages will inspire you to aim for closure on 2018 and reach for new goals in 2019. Enjoy… 

Closing off 

Me myself, I will do MY first part of the New Year Meditation on Dec 29th, where I have sceduled some reflexion time. I’ll keep you posted via Twitter or IG on any epiphanies.

Other than that, I can tell you that I’ll be back to wish you a happy New Year on Dec 31st, closing off 2018.

Oh, and the theme for my January blogging 2019?


So, I fully expect you to do some ugly-dancing with me – I’ll explain more as we get there.

That is all for now, my busy bee – get back in the game and give some nice people some hugs, and have a very well deserved Merry Christmas..

Luv ya….

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