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My Top 5 Star Wars Characters – and a Jeffrey Brown Graphic Book Review

I don’t exactly remember when this was – not too long ago, but not close enough for my flawed memory to pinpoint the day.
I don’t know why I was surpriced. This particular woman are known for her awesome reviews and the focus on graphical novels.

However, as I went through this review of the book “Mandela and the General” , it slighty triggered my love for history. But as my brain works in a very visual way, ordinary history lessons or even books rarely get a long lifespan in my memory.

By reading this review and seeing the images, I suddenly felt like: “maybe there’s hope!?”.

So I actually told this blogger, better known as the beautiful Elizabeth Tabler, I’d have to check out my local library for similar books. I never got back to her on that, but the thing is – the library really didn’t have the greatest selection. Comics, yes – but actual graphic novels that seemed worth reading and weren’t in the comical section, but rather the educational, were really scarce.

But fret not – because I found something that has made me laugh quite a bit since library day and I need to share that with you.
Before I do so, here are a few links you can use to get to know the amazing Beth Tabler. Once you stop by her place, do show some love. Spread a little sunshine on her path. Not for any reason in particular. Just because you CAN and she’s worth it.

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The Discovery of the Jeffrey Brown Star Wars Universe

So while I may have felt a little cheated as far as finding cool historical graphic novels, I dug up two beauties of a rather different genre – and apparantly they are part of a larger series.
I am of course talking about the two little graphic novels that have the honor of featuring this post: Jeffrey Brown’s “Vader’s Little Princess” and “Darth Vader and Friends”.
Unless this is your very first time getting acquainted with me, you will know exactly why those little treasures got a month’s visit at my place (huh – given that they are due back at Feb 25th, this must mean that I read the Mandela post just prior to Jan 25th – incase you, like I, still wondered). Being a huge Star Wars fan and seeing these two little books re-inventing the storyline was just a little too much happy geekiness for me to pass.
In all essense, what they do is they tap into the fact that Vader is Luke and Leia’s dad (sorry if that is a spoiler, but in all fairness, you’ve had your chances of catching up on the SW) – and depict the situations that could occur on “the job” being a single father, raising two kids, that not only grow up with teenage attitude, but also start sympathizing with the alliance…

It is fucking hilarious!

Take this one as a very good example of the point.

If you have seen the movies, the first trilogy (that are actually last) you will know that every scene where Darth Vader enters, the gloomy and dramatic theme melody (The Imperial March) starts.
What amused me immensely in this one, is that Jeffrey Brown is using other characters from Star Wars to make his point (which he does a lot). In this case, he uses the infamous cantina scene from the 1977, letting the cantina band play the Imperial March. As you may know – otherwise you will in a minute – the cantina scene takes place in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where Obi Wan Kenobi

takes Luke Skywalker (accompanied by R2D2 and C3PO) to meet with the two smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca. This is where “the gang” meet up and connect for the first time.

The books are packed with these kind of illustrations and while they don’t lay out a coherent storyline, in the case of “Vader’s Little Princess” we do slowly see Leia grow up to become a rebel teenage girl, who wears cropped shirts to her father’s great dismay. She creates all kinds of problems for her father, who is sworn to The Dark Side.
Maybe you remember the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Vader makes a Star Wars version of a Skype-call to Admiral Ozzel. The infamous words “You have failed me for the last time”, dubbed by James Earl Jones is spoken and Admiral Ozzel starts choking, while his second in command, Captain Piett, steps forward nervously, as Ozzel collapses to the floor. Then Vader says to Piett: “You are in command now, Admiral Piett”.

Well, Jeffrey Brown has his take on that scene too, although taking his liberties and blending a few of Vaders choking fingers-scene in the original trilogy.

Tapping into the notion that The Force of the Dark Side can be counteracted with good, he comes up with a scenery, where Vader reaches out to choke the admiral, suddenly not getting why nothing happens. So he looks down and little Leia in all her innocence is hugging Daddy’s leg, leaving Vader frustrated (yet again) of the daughter that ruins his attempt of drama.
It is also a good example on why, if you regard the SW universe as the holiest of holy, you maybe shouldn’t engage in these little graphic novels, because Jeffrey Brown does take his liberties.

In my humble point of view, however, this is exactly what makes them so hilarious.
Numerous times I sat in my corner spot of the couch, giggling, with My Lady looking oddly at me, and smiling because – well, if a book can affect you that much you’re really into it. And as the book store manager she is, I guess it pleased her. Besides, laughter is contagious. Go laugh some more!

They look like children’s books!
They really do.
They can be read in no time, so the pleasure is short – but then on the other hand, it can always be enjoyed again.

So – if you are a Star Wars fan that can handle some changes to the original storyline, then you should definitly give these treasures a try.

You can find the complete Jeffrey Brown Star Wars collection on his own site. I encourage you to go check it out.

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My Top 5 Star Wars Characters

It goes without saying that being a Star Wars fan comes with a handful of beloved characters. I am no different and while there are many of the characters that I love and find interesting – a few stands out.

Number 1

Yoda. Yoooodaaaaaaa!
I fell in love with Yoda when I was a little girl.
“But”, you ponder, “he’s small, green, has big ears and claws!!”

Hey! Don’t you fucking bodyshame my Yoda!
He is as adorable as he is badass and he’s as witty as he is wise.

The first time I encountered Yoda, was actually his death scene, where he is teaching Skywalker to use the force from his safe excile. And yes – I cried when he died! So obviously as the prequel trilogy came up and Yoda was even more vibrant and CGI mastered, I was clapping my hands in pure joy.
This should come as no surprice to anyone who has had the honor of seeing my Yoda-hat on Instagram!

Rocking the Spectrum Linda V Lind
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Number 2

Darth Vader.
The best villain ever, and his story is so tragic from the cute 9 year old Anakin, to the young Jedi, who falls in love with Padme Amidala and his fall to the dark side by the influence of Palpatine and his de-limb-ification to the Vader, we originally know from the first trilogy from the 70’ies and 80’ies. It’s a story of a beautiful prophesy that failed immensely – or at least turned out quite different than the jedis expected. Darth Vader is a sci-fi modern day tragedy and to the end we hope that Luke is right about his father – that there is still light inside his darkened soul.
And you HAVE to admit – that cape, that mask and that breath is bad ass!

I don’t care if he’s the villain! He is also the young man who got lost in his dark thoughts and emotions and fear for his beloved, and as such he – for me – ties a pretty strong link to dealing with mental health issues and how to keep darkness at bay and how – overwhelmed by emotions – we can so easily make the wrong decisions on our paths in life.

Number 3

Bless the little tin can on wheels! I don’t really know why R2D2 warms my heart so much, as we never get to understand what it says and it isn’t furry like Chewbacca. But through the dialogues with C3PO, we get a glimpse of the humour and fierceness of R2D2 and we are left with no doubt that the blue and white droid is a special kind of character. Reliable, stubborn – and witty…. and a little timid, when enemies approach.
I have loved R2D2 for as long as I have loved Yoda and Vader. The squeeky high pitched sounds are just adorable to these ears of mine.

Number 4

Of course – there MUST be a Lady on the list – and while Leia is a badass woman, Amidala trumps in mere appearance and customes. The couture and the make up is breathtaking and artistic. The character may lack a little substance compared to Leia (but hey, we are talking the legendary Carrie Fisher) but it’s also the character that sees the good in Anakin, even as he falls. She sees the love in him, the compassion – something that the Jedis either fails to see or simply don’t address.
And again – the customes… WOW!

Number 5

While most people agree that Jar Jar Binks is probably the most annoying character of the Star Wars saga – I think he is totally hugable in his clumsiness, the flaws and his odd way of speaking.
I actually believe that had he been created with long fur and big, sweet eyes the world would’ve received him differently.
Because – not to bodyshame Jar Jar – he kind of reminds of a crossover between a snail, a human and whatever has long floppy ears.
And however we try to saintify ourselves, we do very often – without knowing or wanting to – judge by appearance.
Jar Jar Binks is so sweet and he deserves a good long hug and a good and full meal.

Tatsa Allssa for T’daysa, Folkses!

With me so far???
That’s really awesome because we are nearing the end here. Well done, you! For me not to bore you to death, you must hold a special kind of force.
This post, the Top 5 part, was meant to go live on May 4th, but the treasures of Jeffrey Brown gave me the idea to do a sort of 2in1 – hey, you have to try something new every once in a while.
Anywhooo, I do hope you enjoyed the read from the geek that is yours truly.
I’m working on an autism/love theme at the moment and until that project is done, I will – from time to time – try to entertain you and bring on some smiling by other means (make of that, what ever you like).

Any ideas for future Top 5 posts? Feel free to drop them or your own Star Wars Top 5 in the comments.

For now, cheerioooo….

Luv Ya :-*

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Stress Less Blogging, Rocking the Spectrum, Linda V Lind

My name is Linda and I set my eyes on the world for the first time back in the summer of 1978.
In 2017, after decades of struggling with various mental issues and illnesses, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an autistic spectrum condition. My most dominant co-morbid illnesses are depression and anxiety.
Born in Copenhagen, living several places throughout Denmark in my life, I’m currently settled in Northern Jutland, in the rapidly growing city of Aalborg. Here I worked a handful of years as a manager in high performance environments, until a mental break down in 2017.
Rocking the Spectrum is not a knowledge base on autism per se, but rather a peak behind the scenes, showing the life of someone autistic – in the hopes that it will help conversations and understanding along elsewhere on this blue planet.

I am not a professional health worker and any views and statements must be viewed as personal opinions and experiences only.

My special interests are languages and codes, music, books, urban gardening, animals – and writing is my way of breathing.

Proceed into the blog with caution – I swear a lot. Don’t blame my parents – they HAVE tried to improve my behaviour!

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