My top 5 superheroes

I was just casually running through my IG to show some love, when I came across the “alert-word” superheroes! Turns out that one of the very sweet and kind bloggers I’m connected to,, did a post on superheroes – a top 5 favorite list, to be exact. From the geek side of things, I have no idea as to why I haven’t touched my beloved superheroes on the blog yet, since anyone on my private Facebook will know that my heading cover is one big superhero collage. But fret not, Sins of Geek can be corrected and so this one will too – and it will soon be joined by other lists in the future (because I’m already pondering how such a list would look like in other franchises and universes). Fuck, even just with the love I have for list making, it makes no sense that I have so few lists on my entire blog. I can only think of two, a Danish one on anxiety and the recent 5 list post on Aspergers. I don’t even think I’ve reviewed all my Listography books… I really need to make up for things – so what better way to start out on a freezing shitty cold Wednesday morning, than with the company of superheroes?

My favorite all-time superheroes

Iron Man – Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr.

I love me some gadgets! So it should come as no surprice that Iron Man is one of my favorites. Just the fact that ingenuity can make an iron suit FLY… The updates that Tony Starks creates over the years, it just plain awesome and played by Robert Downey Jr in front of high tech screens, putting his genious mind to work – I’m a fan. Yes, he is flawed and sometimes makes the wrong decisions and are sometimes controlled by his own emotions – but aren’t we all. I prefer – as you will see down the list – my heroes flawed. 

Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff – Scarlett Johansson

Billedresultat for black widow

Actually I’d like to see her at the number one spot, but she’s lacking the crazy ass amount of gadgets. Her combat skills and extreme coolness has no problem pulling her into a secure second place, and as I’m writing this I can very vividly see her turn her gaze towards Iron Man bringing in the big space ship and her, calm and cool, saying: “I don’t see how that’s a party” – also, you gotta have some respect for a laddy who can reign in the chaotic rage of The Hulk. That is in it self badassery at serious levels. Now, all we need, is an actual Marvel movie on Black Widow. 

Rocket – Guardian of the Galaxy – Bradley Cooper

Billedresultat for rocket raccoon

Hey – you knew there was going to be animals on my list – even if Rocket would find it highly offensive to be referred to as a racoon – or a rabbit (Thor, you know nothing!). The thing is, while Rocket is playing real macho, there’s this highly cute and endearing shell of fur, that’s completely opposite – like night and day. I’m totally losing my marbles in a good way, when all this furry cuteness wields a big ass power gun twice his size and gets overly excited at the prospect of danger – and ya know, he’s gonna get that arm! 

Batman – Christian Bale – Christopher Nolan

Billedresultat for the dark knight

Batman was the very first superhero, I read about. Not in comics, but in a childrens’ bookclub with easy-to-read novels and I was taken away by that universe. Again, multiple gadgets is a sure win in my world. However, when Nolan created the dark and gloomier Batman universe with the iconic American Psycho actor Christian Bale as The Dark Knight – I was completely sold! It had a rawness and relentlessness to it that made this layers of this particular superhero pop. And FYI – whoever thought an actor like Ben Affleck could play a superhero, let alone Batman…tsk tsk. DC, you gotta up that game. Just my humble opinion. 

Deadpool – Wade Wilson – Ryan Reynolds

I’m torn! Between this and…what will have to be my bonus…and mostly because at points Deadpool is a bit too much. It can be hilarious with rude jokes and cursing and such, but it just sometimes comes to a point where the profanity is there for the profanity itself, not for the humor. However – that aside – there are really truly hilarious scenes in the Deadpool movies that lifts it up from plain vulgarity to something that stands out and becomes unique. I was sceptic about Ryan Reynolds playing a superhero…extremely flawed one…after that Green Lantern thing – but I was very positively surpriced as the part of Deadpool seems to fit his repetoire better – what does that say about Mr. Reynolds??!! 


Bumblebee – Transformers

Billedresultat for bumblebee

I can’t explain it! But I am so in love with Bumblebee – well, making his voice recover was a mistake, but OK – Bumblebee is a Transformer/Autobot soldier and protector and the blend of badass fighting, cool camero yellow and warm (robotic) heart is just too much awesomeness in one package! I’m drawn like fly to light to the color yellow whenever I see it – because of Bumblebee. I have an entire playlist dedicated to the Transformers score on Spotify, because of Bumblebee. I refused to watch Transformers: The Last Knight in the theatre because the trailer looked like Bumblebee would die and I didn’t want to cry in public over a movie about robots! Which I’m quite sure I would have! Especially after my reactions to Inifinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. So I saw it at home – and without spoiling too much – I came close, for another reason though.

There you have it….

So this was my list of superheroes… I was a bit torn in whether I should make a Marvel specific, but I needed Batman on it, so it turned into a combined list. 

You know what could be fun? If you are geeky about those superheroes, then you could throw in your own top 5 in the comment section – or better yet, make your own blog post on your top 5 (feel free to add the link to the comments if you do) – let’s celebrate the superheroes!

Not into superheroes?! 

Feel free to say hi anyway – and let me know what you can get all caught up in and fan-crazy about. 

Hope you had a little fun reading this – have an amazing day.

Luv ya

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3 thoughts on “My top 5 superheroes”

  1. Yesssss Iron Man and Batman! I’m not a huge fan of Black Widow but I’ve neber been able to pinpoint why. And Rocket is amazing, you’re right.

    Thanks for the link and the props, girl! Geeks unite!

    1. Maybe it’s that she can seem a bit arrogant in her introvertness. But hey, I’m gay so for all I know, I might not have the best of motives myself

      This was actually so fun doing so I’m already plotting a sequel… just can’t decide on the topic. Maybe Star Wars. Or super villains…
      Geeks Unite!

  2. Love this! I would also include a lot of these too, yess to Iron Man he’s so funny and can be sassy and I love it. Rocket too is a great one, the way he looks out for Groot is lovely, I love Guardian’s of The Galaxy – I think it’s one of my absolute favourites.

    Chloe xx

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