No Smoking Field Report/Part 1/10 hours in

October 15, 2018 0 By Elias

 I was thinking about advertizing this as “The One & Only Easy Way To Quit Smoking”, but I realized that would probably be both click bait and a flat out lie.If you google a bit you will from your respective countries find plenty of advice on HOW to quit smoking, like slowly decreasing your number of cigarettes per day or replacing the usual smoking situations with other habits.My way is actually quite simpler: I ran out of cash! Of course, that either takes you getting out of job, on social welfare OR overspending what you have – which could be very not recommendable. But the “easy” part of it is: unless you skip buying food and other essentials, you just can’t indulge or “fall back” – because the cash is tied to the household. And unless you are extremely careless with your household, that pretty much seals the deal. But that is, on another note, also the only easy part about it! I don’t know how you get, if you stop smoking – but so far, within 10 hours, I’ve started to sweat, like I hit menopause, I’m highly impatient and very easily annoyed. It started off well at 11am earlier today – and was fairly easy up until about 4 or 5pm. Then my cockiness kinda wore off. Now I’m sitting in my bed, with two out of three cats glued to me as effing usual, and my body temperature is on the rise. Or at least it feels like it – hey, for all I know, this could be my very own personal man-flu. I’m dying! I will not survive the night. And yet somehow I know I will, but I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart pity myself right now. It’s not pretty. It’s not even funny. Or maybe it is, but I’m not laughing!It’s not like this is the first time, I’ve tried to quit. I was fucking smoke-free for 2 1/2 years. Then I met my girlfriend, who smoked (and still do) – yeah, I know, that is probably the biggest cop out I’ve ever made. Let’s be honest; the reason we fall back into the habit is simple, and it has absolutely nothing to do with whom you surround yourself with. I lacked a spine. And so did you, if you went down that same road. In our defence, smoking is a brutally hard habit to quit. But we keep trying anyway, and we should be proud of that, at the very least. Funny, how pride or joy is not really the first things that spring to munding these hours. I’m eating, not chewing, nicotine gum. I’m huffing and puffing on some plastic device that should ressemble a smoke. Not feeling it. Not yet. So if you have chosen to quit the smokes with me, and venture into this journey where we start to take good care of pur bodies – I wish you all the best. And I will do my best to share epiphanies along the way. For now, let’s just agree that the first 24 hours sucks. And I’m going to the toilet a lot, because I fill myself with cola and lemonade, when the urge hits me (which it does a lot).If you’re quitting with me, let me first of all say “thank you” for joining me. You can follow my posts by subscribing to the site – or you can follow the progress on either Twitter or Instagram. However you do it, know that I would love to hear from you in the comment section; your own tricks and tips, what you go through etc. Right now, I will hit the sack, and see if I can sleep my way out of the next handfuls of hours. Stay tuned – and again, best of luck and spine.

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