No Smoking Field Report/Part 3/60 hours

No Smoking Field Report/Part 3/60 hours

October 18, 2018 0 By Elias

It really weird thinking about this – it’s been 60 hours now. And I’m doing quite all right considering.


Considering the shortage of breath.

Considering the taste of what I can only describe as tar in my mouth.

Considering the almost desperate cravings for food and sweets.

Considering being short-tempered.

Considering that I have no idea what to do with myself, when I get up in the morning, while I drink my beloved coffee, when I’m pondering blogtopics, after breakfast, after vacuuming, after lunch, after shopping for groceries, while I’m waiting for the food to be properly cooked, after dinner, before bedtime AND when I wake up during the night. Today I also learned, that I was a bit lost while waiting for the bus. And at work, when I got stuck in the 3D sketching programme, I didn’t know how to refocus, because I usually do that by going outside and having a smoke.

But you know, apart from that, I’m doing okay.

But can I just point out the absolutely ridiculous fact of experiencing shortage of breath, when you DON’T fill your lungs with an incredible amount of chemicals 20+ times a day. How does that even make sense?

Maybe I’m doing okay, because I’m sort of cheating, as I revealed in a previous post. I have a nicotine spray, nicotine chewing gum and My Lady bought one of those smoke-like nicotine thingies not long ago (but she has no intentions of quitting, so… well, there you go) – I will say though, even if it’s probably a matter of opinion, that chewing gum and sprayworks a lot better than that plastic stick. Maybe it’s because it kinda looks like something you’d pee on at the doctor’s? You’re supposed to “smoke” it – you know, suck, inhale and exhale, repeat – but I can’t seem to make it past “suck” (not that kind, you dafty! Go to church and clean up your mind!). So, it’s not really doing anything for me, I’m not getting anything out of it, which is kinda opposite the initial promise. And not good for my currently low bars for patience.

Right now it’s just a buffer thing, but the first 24 hours I was eating the gum, rather than chewing. The spray is supposed to be sprayed once into your mouth, I’d do 3 or 4 in a row. By now it has settled down a bit. As said it’s a buffer, when the craving for a cigarette becomes too overwhelming.

You know what… just maybe…. with a little bit of luck… just maybe, I’ve GOT this💪

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