No Smoking Field Report/part 4/1 week+1day

No Smoking Field Report/part 4/1 week+1day

October 23, 2018 2 By Elias


Oooh for f*cks sake, this hurts!!!

Never mind me. I’m somewhat ill, going down with a potential cold – as I stated a few hours ago in the post A smile for everyone – and I just thought it could be a good idea to throw on a face mask and make a cup of tea and you know – work on the blog, because who has time to waste in bed?

And you know what – I will still, in agony, maintain that it IS a good idea. A face mask and a cup of tea and doing something you like. However – because you probably already guessed there was going to be a “however” – applying a face mask, that promises deep pore cleansing with “refreshing spearmint” is not one of the best ideas I’ve had of late.

1) As I applied it, I saw that it came with a subtitle:

“For men”

I’m gonna throw in a few !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here.

Now I’m probably going to grow a beard too or something.

But 2) on another note, if you want men to use more face masks and just generally be a little more caring of their appearances (given the efforts women do so for their men, it really isn’t too much to ask – women like to look at something pretty too), a face mask that feels like your face is covered in acid, PROBABLY aint the way to go about it.

It’s just for the first 5 minutes or so. 5 minutes of tearing up and desperately waving your hands around your head to create a little soothing breeze, but really – 5 minutes and then it just becomes warm, slightly itchy, tight – and smells of spearmint. No men perfume as far as I can gather (and I effing quit smoking so my nose has gone to the Big Leagues now), but spearmint…really distinct and strong spearmint. For all I know, I might cure the cold, before it even starts!

‘Nuff said, as the title suggests, I have now been smoke-free for 1 week and 1 day…and 2 hours!


I wanted to write a “No smoking” anniversary piece yesterday, but I had a meeting with my mentor from the social system and she gave me a few important tasks to complete, and that kind took some energy away. I agreed to write a mail to my workplace, Special Minds and to examine ways to use one of my hobbies to get out of the house more frequently. Besides, that odd “not-feeling-too-well” thing started yesterday afternoon and I hardly had any sleep last night. So – it’s a week and one day, instead of just a week. But I’m sure, it’s okay, right? :-*

Here’s the thing – according to Google – or rather the links Google come up with – when you quit smoking, you can expect any number of side effects, such as…

  • coughing
  • constipation
  • gas (not a joke!)
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • dizzyness
  • anxiety
  • sleepless nights

I’m not going to go into details, but…yup!

Also, apparantly, it turns out, that you can actually develop a cold or flu-like symptoms, when you quit smoking. All of it is just simply the entire body cleaning up and repairing the extensive damage from the heat and chemicals in the smoke.

So one week and one day in – my body is spring cleaning like the future of the planet depends on it. I really don’t want to have a look inside. As I’ve mentioned earlier; I could taste tar!!

And I will say it again – it’s not funny. Not even a little bit. But it does come with a certain sense of pride and sense of achievement to pass that first week mark. Even if my digestion is somewhat askew and I’m not getting my sleep and I’ve started to cough.. hey, I can actually tell you WHY a lot of us start coughing when we quit…thanx to Google!:

Turns out that those little hairs that should help clean your lungs are growing back out, when we stop smoking. They’ve been burned and erased by the heat and chemicals of the smoke and when we stop smoking, the little hairs grow back out – so we are really just becoming a little more sensitive to whether or not our lungs are filled with shit – and I would guess, that is a good thing.

Huh?! What d’ya know!

So I’m trying to find some sort of peace with the cravings and side effects, and try to acknowledge that my body is getting back in shape. Hey, if I went to the gym tomorrow for the first time in 2½ years, or started running 5 miles – it would hurt too!

I went to my urban garden this Sunday to make it ready for the autumn – I spent 1½ hours there, cleaning up, digging up sunflower stems and harvesting the last peas of the seasons…

That hurts too!

So what I’m basically trying to say – if you’ve for one reason or another been low key and inactive for a longer period, it is going to suck immensely to get back to where you were. That is the rough side of recovery, which is why you should always treat yourself kindly and with compassion in any sort of recovery, like I did the other day in the post “How to make recovery easier”.

One thing I can say for sure, and this goes out to the men outthere: if you want to do something nice for your skin and think about a face mask – be very careful if the one you chose says “Deep pore cleansing with spearmint” – I just peeled the torment off and it felt like duct tape. And you guys have more facial hair, than I do, so consider yourself warned.

See you in week 2!

Have fun, cupcakes…. Oooh, what I wouldn’t give for a cupcake!


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