No Smoking Field Report/part 6/1 month

No Smoking Field Report/part 6/1 month

November 13, 2018 2 By Elias

So here’s a little quickie for you as I am on the bus to work, my first week of having TWO work days at Special Minds – AAAHHH!!!

So this is me in the morning, remembering my glasses and a scarf to cover up that Big Boob Problem that usually means you have to buy clothes one or two sizes larger if you want to be able to button a shirt or a dress, if you want to avoid that gaping hole and involounteer peek inside! 

It doesn’t make matters any better that I am overweight, too overweight for my latent eating disorder and that this needs to change – if I make typos I’m sorry. It’s not the best bus driver and writing on my phone is really not as easy as I thought it would be. The letters are so goddamn small!!! And my autocorrect is being a pain in the ass! As usual. 

Anywhooo, at first hating my appearance, I then realized that I’ve been off the fags for a month now. And a day! And yes, that usually comes with gaining weight, but really – A MONTH!! Much longer in that pace and speed and I’m off to the undertaker! 

And it’s going pretty well, except I eat rather than smoke, but still…

So I’m thinking that soon, it’ll be time for a new change; maybe I’ll adress the things I choose to put in my mouth or maybe it’ll be about exercising more. I don’t know yet. Baby steps, remember?! 

My smelling had improved, I no longer cough as much – but I do still get annoyed. Especially at the guy sitting in front of me, irritably sighing like the world is just the worst place ever and he just don’t wanna be fucking bothered with it.

Maybe I should throw him a smile, when I get off the bus. Maybe he needs that. 

Anyway, changes take time and although I’m not completely in the clear as far as smoking goes, I AM clear enough to say that I’ll push my next entry to my 2 month mark. Because – of course I will reach it. 

In the mean time I will ponder on the next change and how to make it work. 

Feel free to throw in some ideas in the comment section.

Soon it’s my stop. Have an amazing day, whereever you are and whatever you do.

Luv ya to bits❤️

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