Official Autism Sites

Official Autism Sites

Below you will find a number of official autism sites. In time the list will grow larger – if your favorite site is not represented, I will appreciate a tip, so I can add it to the list.

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  • Danish Sites
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Danish Sites

Special Minds Rocking the Spectrum
The place in Denmark that got me back on my working feet and helped me embrace the skills I never thought I had. Here I slowly built myself back up with the crew that are highly tuned in on the strengths and challenges of people with autistic diagnoses and other similar neurodiverse characteristics.
Danish national site on autism. Here you find recent news, science projects and the core of NEED TO KNOW. Compared to larger countries, it may seem like it’s lacking in relevant, thorough content – but for a tiny country like Denmark, they are actually doing a pretty fine job. And autism, or mental health for that matter – is – on political levels – not something that seems a priority in this country at the moment. To me the best part of the site is their knowledgde center which you’ll find at:
At Lykkegard children with special needs, including autism, are given safe surroundings and a daily structure and routine. They have various offers from school to individually organised stays and relief programmes…oh, and one of the coolest women I know, work there. Hi, big sis!☺

UK/USA – English Languaged

autistic self advocacy network on rocking the spectrum
It would make no sense offering official autism sites, without including ASAN. Run for and by autistics, they offer the inside perspective on how the world is viewed with our eyes. As they say: Nothing About Us, Without Us! Check them out – PLEASE!
National Autistic Society Rocking the Spectrum
UK based national site on which you find plenty of information, resources, articles and further branches to the different areas of UK. I will describe the level of info on the page as NEED TO KNOW and then you can supply the LIKE TO KNOW from e.g. personal blogs etc. In general I am actually, being Danish, a little amazed about the campaigns and the Autism Hour. Seems Denmark still has a way to go.
Autism forums Rocking the Spectrum
The site is a little bit different from the regular official sites. Here you find a large forum, where you can log in – even anonymously – and start chatting, debating and discussing autism and Asperger’s trades, challenges and strengths – and done so in a decent and respectful tone. This could be an alternative to the various Facebook support group and even better, as this site comes with different blogs, resources and reviews.
The curly hair project Rocking the Spectrum
The Curly Hair Project seems like a cool site and I love that it originates from someone autistic herself. However, you don’t get much REAL info unless you pull out your credit card. I’m not in a position to do so, but maybe YOU are. One of the things I personally fell in love with on the site is under the resources: the alert cards. So many troubled grocery shopping might have gone better with a thing like that. In fact, there are many different things in the shop that are absolutely lovely, so if you are a little further down the road and are looking to stock up on autism books, merchandise and awareness items – this is a good place to go.

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