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Okay ladies, lads and lassies, I honestly can’t remember the exact date of my last post, except – it’s been far too long. Actually so long, my Instagram is becoming more and more the go-to, if you want to know what’s up in this transgender, autistic mind of mine. I mean, what’s easy about Instagram is that it has a typo limit, so sooner or later (which to me mostly feels like sooner) it stops
DISCLAIMER: It has been brought to my attention that Adam Lambert in many interviews has stated that he rarely uses his falsetto. I use the word in this post because I felt it descriptive in terms of trying to communicate to others what I heard. I am NOT a music theorist so please be advised that if there are specific theoretical terms, view them for what they are: words from a layman trying in a
5 things I learned coming out as trans
I spent the summer of 2019 coming out to absolutely everyone as transman. Like everyone else coming out, I faced the initial fears of rejection, anger, disappointment and disbelief. I prepared myself for the worst – that I was going to continue my life more or less alone. Needless to say, I was scared shitless. The thought of continuing my life as a woman, however, scared me more. Today I will share with you 5
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Have you ever walked into a fashion store, feeling like the items sold, weren’t really for you? Taken a mountain of items to the dressing room only to realise, your boobs are too big or your hips too wide or your legs too long – or short? So we compromise – many of us actually do, unless we have the financials to have our clothes tailored. You are a victim of a both socially and
M. W. Craven The Puppet Show reviewed on Rocking the Spectrum
There are two kinds of good books:The ones that you can’t let go, so you binge them, because you NEED to know!And the ones that you can’t let go, but you force yourself not to binge them, because you don’t want it to end! Considering that it’s been a couple of weeks since I started reading “The Puppet Show” it goes without saying, that we are dealing with the latter version. This is kind of