In lieu of the past days of Kavanaugh news, a Danish member of parliament on national TV verbally kicking a man too ill to take on a fulltime job, an aspiring member of parliament supporting statements from her own party that “migrants should be shot at” – AND the death of our highly beloved national rock troubadour, Kim Larsen (1945-2018), I think it’s time to pause, stop and regroup. This is Project Smile! The dark
I am emotional. Unable to define those emotions. But as I watch the two women question Jeff Flake, I tear up. The vision on my IPad screen takes me back. I remember dispair. Violation. The excruciating shame. My core is shaken and cold. I tighten the blanket around my body. Uneasy I bend my legs and wrap my arms around my knees. Slowly and silently I rock my body back and forth, autistically stimming to
Inspirational tune: Carl Espen “Silent Storm” – link to official video on Youtube The morning is in it’s first hours. The first hesitant light of day has reached my place on the planet and the birds are beginning their wake up calls to the neighbourhood. After a day of – to me and in Denmark – a staggering 28 degrees celcius, my naked skin is soothed by a soft cooling breeze of the night that
How can someone with auditory sensitivity issues benefit from music for calming stimulation? You should think that the two would be sides of the same coin. And maybe there is a scientific reason for it, but I haven’t researched all that much. I just went home from shopping, unpacked the groceries fast with my sunglasses on, because the sun was pretty strong in the kitchen (I have visual sensitivities as well, when I am stressed
Loaded up on coffee, cake and cigarettes, I’ve got to admit that this review has been on my mind for a long time. Not compared to how long it’s been since the book was published (2015) – no, compared to the publishing year, this is probably offensive! But do bare in mind, I only got the book in the summer of 2017. The main reason for the delay is simply that I couldn’t really decide