Versatile Blogger award, bigender and sex change thoughts
I have been going on for a few week about doing this, but things has kept getting in the way and there are quite a few things going on personally, that has been eating up the time, I usually have for blogposts. If you are a subscriber and thereby a member of my RtS family, you’ll get to know what that is more specifically in the next newsletter. But for now, let’s stay on topic
Blogger Recognition Award on Rocking the Spectrum
There is a lady living under a much warmer hemisphere than mine (granted, finding warmer places than mine is a lot easier than finding colder), who one day decided to nominate me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Her name is Kat, Kattie….you might know her from femenish.com, where she shares her two cents on feminism and fashion. And by that I mean, she shares some great two cents on the subjects. You see, I’m not
Safety Cards Cheat Sheet
This post was originally written in Danish in 2017 not long after my hospitalisation at Psychiatric. I have translated and updated the original text in this blogpost. Mostly this is due to having learned a lot more about myself and the reactions and why I do what I do. Therefore it is not a word by word translation. If you are interested in the original text, you can find it here…Tryghedskort – en hjælp mod
Well, since I can’t seem to fall back to sleep and the cats’ morning feed is not far off, I decided to hit that switch on the coffee machine (always prep for the morning coffee in the evening, so I can get my caffeine, even with only half a brain awake!) and do a bit of writing to the sound of raindrops on my window. Well, rainbows and the youngest cat, Pjevs (translates into “Tiny”
Communication Rocking the Spectrum
…Thoughts About Communicating Mental Health Looks peaceful, doesn’t it? A woman sleeping soundly with her arm wrapped around a teddy bear. Except, that this is only the “reality” that the pixels show you. If this was a video, you would hear me making noises from the back of my throat. You would see my fists pound hard on my head to make the rapid stream of thoughts stop. You’d see that arm around the teddy