RtS Contributors

The pillar of Rocking the Spectrum are the stories. The stories YOU can identify with or compare yourself to or benefit from in other ways. Rts is created, owned and administrated by Elias – but contributors with a flair for writing and with a story that fits this blog are more than welcome to reach out and let their voice and their story be heard. Read more about the terms under Let’s Collaborate.

These are the contributors of Rocking the Spectrum

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Elias V. Lind

Creator, administrator, editor of Rocking the Spectrum

Elias is the main author and contributor to Rocking the Spectrum and writes from an experience of being both transgender and autistic. He was diagnosed with Aspergers late at 39 and a year after he realized the struggle with detachment arose from being transgender. Other than managing this blog, Elias is also a visual artist, dabbling anything from oil paint on canvas to photo art.