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Like you, we really don’t like spam in our inboxes. This is why we have a clean line policy in regards of making you feel comfortable when you subscribe to Rocking the Spectrum.
If you want to know what you’ll get, continue reading below…

The Basics

When you agree to subscribing, you agree to receiving:

  • a mail when something new is published on Rocking the Spectrum
  • a monthly newsletter

…and that’s it!

No in between mails with random messages or spur of the moment give-aways.
To keep the flow simple, all activities are planned to go official on the newsletter FIRST – social media next.
Because as a subscriber, we want you to be the first to know – period!
You are the priority.
Our VIP.

Post and Articles

Rocking the Spectrum will have a maximum of 1 weekly publication and the topic can be about the minority spectrums, it can be a post for the Tool Box section – or maybe one of the uncategorized posts like e.g. reviews.

Read more about the newsletter and the future below…

The Rocking Spectrum Newsletter

Once a month you’ll receive a newsletter from Rocking the Spectrum.
The basic features of the newsletter will be:

  • a monthly update of what’s going on behind the scenes
  • teasers on future collabs
  • the best performing post on RtS the past month
  • a blog post on another blog that we particularly enjoyed

But that’s not all. Rocking the Spectrum consists of stories and as a subscriber, you will be the first to know if there is an opening in the posting scedule or if a particular topic is requested.
So if you are interested in possible collaborations, being a subscriber gives you an advantage.

What to Expect in the Future when you subscribe to Rocking the Spectrum

Because even there, it doesn’t end!

As Rocking the Spectrum grows, you can expect other subscriber benefits in the future:

  • Competitions
  • Subscriber give aways
  • Special discounts
  • Free printables
  • And more…

So make sure you are not missing a single thing and sign up now.

And yes – should you regret somewhere down the line, we have a one-click opt out in all mail correspondance. 😉