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A Personal Review Of the Authorship Of Corey Taylor

…Or Introducing the Concept Of Influention Preliminary Words It seems to be a re-occurring event that I find myself wondering what the fuck possessed me at a certain point, when I was making some sort of crucial decision that I knew – or should have known – would affect this neurodiverse brain of mine. However much tested this pink blob behind my forehead is, I seriously doubt the results of said tests, as I see

Stephen King The Outsider

Book review – Stephen King “The Outsider”

Danish release: October 26th 2018 Originally released May 22nd 2018   The memory foam underneath my body seemed to get uncomfortably warm. Absentmindedly I kicked off the duvet, as I turned a page in the book. From the night lamp behind me, the shape of my head lingered across half the book, that was mildly shaking. My hand, that held it, was getting tired. I should shift hands, but my eyes kept running across the