The Happy October Big Bang

This is IT, people! The FINAL – the ONE AND ONLY – until next year – the AMAZING Spider… wait… Let me pause that DVD for long enough to give you my full attention! I started out being frustrated and quite miserable about different things, such as Kavanaugh, which you can read a bit about in Investigation of sexual assault matters.  Throughout October, I have dedicated myself to spreading happy vibes instead, to lift my

Happy Nightmares and Nerdy Weekend

Good morning, it’s time to wriggle your luxurios bodies out of the warm comforts of bed and start a new and freeeesh week! Yup, it’s Monday again. The coffee’s brewing for me and My Lady, these are the minutes straight after feeding the cats and taking a morning piss myself and the minutes before My Lady gets up to take on a new week in the book store. Yeah, she’s a book store manager. How

Lights, lights, lights

  I’ve spent most of the morning procrastinating on Twitter, looking out of the window and watching the rain pour down – but I gotta get to it. In all honesty, I’ve procrastinated for so long, that I forgot what I intended to write to you guys in the first place! So I’m going to just tell you about something that makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. If you haven’t read it yet, go


Slipknot, work progress and meltdowns

  My dearest, my butterflies, my rays of sunshine…. Hello! I’m not going to lie to you. What you are about to read is as honest and fresh as it gets. Yesterday I had this amazing blogpost on my mind for you today. After today’s work at Special Minds it was still cooking on my mind and I was looking forward to writing it, when I got home. It was probably as happy as a

A smile for everyone

A smile for everyone

Good morning, my lovelies. The clock says 04.07am, I’ve pretty much been awake since midnight, listening to the storm outside, while not feeling quite right. I have this weird feeling that the slight nausea, the headache and the nose, that isn’t really snotty, but not completely clear either is going to turn into a cold. That really doesn’t happen to me! I’m the kind of person that can sit next to you, nursing you through