How to make recovery easier

Today I’m going to show you my work day. I’m recovering, as you may know, from a huge mental break down and learning how to live and function with my Aspergers diagnosis without breaking down again. I’ve reached a point, as mentioned in “Shout out to the ones we love”, where I once a week work 3 hours at a place called Special Minds, a company that is focused on getting neurodiverse folk like me back

Investigation of sexual assualt matters!

I am emotional. Unable to define those emotions. But as I watch the two women question Jeff Flake, I tear up. The vision on my IPad screen takes me back. I remember dispair. Violation. The excruciating shame. My core is shaken and cold. I tighten the blanket around my body. Uneasy I bend my legs and wrap my arms around my knees. Slowly and silently I rock my body back and forth, autistically stimming to