The Fellow Blogger Promo – Mindbodybeautifulsoul

When you first enter you are welcomed by soft and feminine pastel colours that brings out a niceness and somewhat relaxed feeling. A little well meant advice There is one thing I want to adress right out of the gate (well, almost right out of the gate) and that is the colours of the titles in the menu. I know it’s beautiful and it matches, but it took me a while before I saw that

Happy Nightmares and Nerdy Weekend

Good morning, it’s time to wriggle your luxurios bodies out of the warm comforts of bed and start a new and freeeesh week! Yup, it’s Monday again. The coffee’s brewing for me and My Lady, these are the minutes straight after feeding the cats and taking a morning piss myself and the minutes before My Lady gets up to take on a new week in the book store. Yeah, she’s a book store manager. How

My very first Sunshine Blogger Award task!

  I didn’t know what Sunshine Blogger Award was, before I suddenly found myself nominated by the sweet Chloe, from – you can find her on Twitter on @ChloeChatsBlog. I can only recommend you visit her blog, because you will find lots of interesting posts, like Dealing with Interview Anxiety or the newest (as I’m writing this) and highly relevant post on Seasonal Affective Disorder. And there are plenty more from the same “pen”. To

How to make recovery easier

Today I’m going to show you my work day. I’m recovering, as you may know, from a huge mental break down and learning how to live and function with my Aspergers diagnosis without breaking down again. I’ve reached a point, as mentioned in “Shout out to the ones we love”, where I once a week work 3 hours at a place called Special Minds, a company that is focused on getting neurodiverse folk like me back

Life Uncomplicated

You know that thing, when you wake up in the morning, but you’re not really awake yet and still not asleep? At these moments, you sometimes get these epiphanies that seem to put everything into place, ideas for books or blogposts, a problem dealt with reveals a magical solution – or you finally know the answer to a certain question, you’ve been struggling with. This morning, in that grey zone between consciousness and The Dreamy