Week of Sensory Badassery

It has been one helluva week! The scedule for this week, blog-wise, is somewhat insane – or it was until I decided to do this combo-post where I’m kinda collecting all the awsomeness into one. It has still been somewhat insane, considering I also went to a WordPress MeetUp, had prolonged hours at work, dentist appointment… all of which to regular folk sounds like a bit of a bother, but any fellow autistics out there …

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Lights, lights, lights

  I’ve spent most of the morning procrastinating on Twitter, looking out of the window and watching the rain pour down – but I gotta get to it. In all honesty, I’ve procrastinated for so long, that I forgot what I intended to write to you guys in the first place! So I’m going to just tell you about something that makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. If you haven’t read it yet, go …

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