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Life Uncomplicated

You know that thing, when you wake up in the morning, but you’re not really awake yet and still not asleep? At these moments, you sometimes get these epiphanies that seem to put everything into place, ideas for books or blogposts, a problem dealt with reveals a magical solution – or you finally know the …

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Day of selfindulgence

Okay, I get it! It’s October, the mornings have grown darker and the rain today is literally determined to flood your neighbourhood. First glance in the awful bathroom mirror reveals a proud zit, that has settled down on your nose tip, just because you ate directly off the Nutella jar yesterday. And the day before …

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Investigation of sexual assualt matters!

I am emotional. Unable to define those emotions. But as I watch the two women question Jeff Flake, I tear up. The vision on my IPad screen takes me back. I remember dispair. Violation. The excruciating shame. My core is shaken and cold. I tighten the blanket around my body. Uneasy I bend my legs …

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The Alien Life – A Life With Aspergers’ Syndrome

Inspirational tune: Carl Espen “Silent Storm” – link to official video on Youtube The morning is in it’s first hours. The first hesitant light of day has reached my place on the planet and the birds are beginning their wake up calls to the neighbourhood. After a day of – to me and in Denmark …

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