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A Personal Review Of the Authorship Of Corey Taylor

…Or Introducing the Concept Of Influention Preliminary Words It seems to be a re-occurring event that I find myself wondering what the fuck possessed me at a certain point, when I was making some sort of crucial decision that I knew – or should have known – would affect this neurodiverse brain of mine. However much tested this pink blob behind my forehead is, I seriously doubt the results of said tests, as I see…

By Elias December 1, 2018 2

Week of Sensory Badassery

It has been one helluva week! The scedule for this week, blog-wise, is somewhat insane – or it was until I decided to do this combo-post where I’m kinda collecting all the awsomeness into one. It has still been somewhat insane, considering I also went to a WordPress MeetUp, had prolonged hours at work, dentist appointment… all of which to regular folk sounds like a bit of a bother, but any fellow autistics out there…

By Elias November 9, 2018 2

Coming together – the magic of unity

It has been one fucked up week! Again! A man has been confirmed to the American Supreme Court, in spite of allegations that were not thoroughly investigated. The division that created in the population, was celebrated by a senator with the words “I never get tired of winning”. In Denmark, our government wants to imprison 10 year olds – as if the burka/niqap ban and their entire “ghetto-plan” wasn’t enough. A woman heading a new…

By Elias October 8, 2018 0