Day of selfindulgence

Okay, I get it! It’s October, the mornings have grown darker and the rain today is literally determined to flood your neighbourhood. First glance in the awful bathroom mirror reveals a proud zit, that has settled down on your nose tip, just because you ate directly off the Nutella jar yesterday. And the day before yesterday. Your boobs are sore, because Red Day is getting awfully near and the pain in your back reveals too

Music – my soothing companion

How can someone with auditory sensitivity issues benefit from music for calming stimulation? You should think that the two would be sides of the same coin. And maybe there is a scientific reason for it, but I haven’t researched all that much. I just went home from shopping, unpacked the groceries fast with my sunglasses on, because the sun was pretty strong in the kitchen (I have visual sensitivities as well, when I am stressed