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No Smoking Field Report/part 6/1 month

So here’s a little quickie for you as I am on the bus to work, my first week of having TWO work days at Special Minds – AAAHHH!!! So this is me in the morning, remembering my glasses and a scarf to cover up that Big Boob Problem that usually means you have to buy clothes one or two sizes larger if you want to be able to button a shirt or a dress, if…

By Elias November 13, 2018 2

The Happy October Big Bang

This is IT, people! The FINAL – the ONE AND ONLY – until next year – the AMAZING Spider… wait… Let me pause that DVD for long enough to give you my full attention! I started out being frustrated and quite miserable about different things, such as Kavanaugh, which you can read a bit about in Investigation of sexual assault matters.  Throughout October, I have dedicated myself to spreading happy vibes instead, to lift my…

By Elias October 31, 2018 6

A smile for everyone

Good morning, my lovelies. The clock says 04.07am, I’ve pretty much been awake since midnight, listening to the storm outside, while not feeling quite right. I have this weird feeling that the slight nausea, the headache and the nose, that isn’t really snotty, but not completely clear either is going to turn into a cold. That really doesn’t happen to me! I’m the kind of person that can sit next to you, nursing you through…

By Elias October 23, 2018 10