The Sunshine Blogger Award part 2, blo

As I am writing this, it’s early Sunday morning. The coffee is brewing, the cats are fed and the neighbours on the other side of the bedroom wall sound like they are having a group masturbation, but knowing their sounds it’s probably gaming night turned morning. Unless of course a gathering of at least four men can be a lot more…interesting, than I give them credit for – then it might be just what it

My very first Sunshine Blogger Award task!

  I didn’t know what Sunshine Blogger Award was, before I suddenly found myself nominated by the sweet Chloe, from – you can find her on Twitter on @ChloeChatsBlog. I can only recommend you visit her blog, because you will find lots of interesting posts, like Dealing with Interview Anxiety or the newest (as I’m writing this) and highly relevant post on Seasonal Affective Disorder. And there are plenty more from the same “pen”. To