The Happy October Big Bang

This is IT, people! The FINAL – the ONE AND ONLY – until next year – the AMAZING Spider… wait… Let me pause that DVD for long enough to give you my full attention! I started out being frustrated and quite miserable about different things, such as Kavanaugh, which you can read a bit about in Investigation of sexual assault matters.  Throughout October, I have dedicated myself to spreading happy vibes instead, to lift my

My very first Sunshine Blogger Award task!

  I didn’t know what Sunshine Blogger Award was, before I suddenly found myself nominated by the sweet Chloe, from – you can find her on Twitter on @ChloeChatsBlog. I can only recommend you visit her blog, because you will find lots of interesting posts, like Dealing with Interview Anxiety or the newest (as I’m writing this) and highly relevant post on Seasonal Affective Disorder. And there are plenty more from the same “pen”. To

Shout out to the ones we love

Hello my dears! My cupcakes, my online family! So, listen, this weekend I did a scedule of my final posts for this Happy October theme I’m doing and restructured my entire blog (not done with that, by the way). So I thought I had it covered. But Twitter – however obnoxious at times – can truly be an amazing place, where inspiration and ideas suddenly hit you in the face. I woke up during the