Happy Nightmares and Nerdy Weekend

Good morning, it’s time to wriggle your luxurios bodies out of the warm comforts of bed and start a new and freeeesh week! Yup, it’s Monday again. The coffee’s brewing for me and My Lady, these are the minutes straight after feeding the cats and taking a morning piss myself and the minutes before My Lady gets up to take on a new week in the book store. Yeah, she’s a book store manager. How

Shout out to the ones we love

Hello my dears! My cupcakes, my online family! So, listen, this weekend I did a scedule of my final posts for this Happy October theme I’m doing and restructured my entire blog (not done with that, by the way). So I thought I had it covered. But Twitter – however obnoxious at times – can truly be an amazing place, where inspiration and ideas suddenly hit you in the face. I woke up during the