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When you first enter you are welcomed by soft and feminine pastel colours that brings out a niceness and somewhat relaxed feeling.

A little well meant advice

There is one thing I want to adress right out of the gate (well, almost right out of the gate) and that is the colours of the titles in the menu. I know it’s beautiful and it matches, but it took me a while before I saw that they were there! For a few minutes I actually thought the landing page was it. It’s a personal choice, I get it, but I just needed to adress it, because one thing we don’t want as bloggers is for people to leave because they don’t spot all the hard worked content we’ve built up. Also to me, but that may be my Aspergers talking – there are A LOT of titles in the menu – 11 to be exact. That tends to confuse me, but as said, it could very easily be my Aspergers playing tricks on me, because I am known to “freeze” if I get too many options to choose from. So my advice would be; ask friends, the community or family if they regard the menu as being too big – if nobody agrees with me, then rest assured – it’s my Aspergers… sorry…

When I set my eyes on a new blog for the first time, there are a few things that I search for instantly: search field, SoMe icons for possible following and if I can find anything about the author of the blog. Preferably a picture, as that makes me feel more comfortable and greeted by the author. All of which I found on These things are essential if you as an interested reader want to know more or are looking for something particular, that you know you’ve found before. 

As you will find out, when you click the different titles in the menu, there are lots of posts to dive into.

A lot of affiliates, too, but if you look around you will find several notifications that this is a site that uses affiliates. And if you are unfamiliar with what affiliates means, it can seem a bit overwhelming. But affiliates just means that the author has embedded ads and commercials in the post – maybe even reviewing or writing about the product, and IF you click those links, the author might receive a minor payment (typically if you purchase something on this new page) – in other words it’s a way to make a little bit of money on your blog. But you are not subscribing or buying anything you don’t ask for yourself. So no worries…

Subscribtion and helpful tips

About subscribing, there are a few places on the site where you can subscribe to the blog AND for instanse get e.g. “10 Tips and Tricks to help reduce anxiety” – I did that and it took a while for the email to drop – so I’m guessing it doesn’t go out automatically, when you subscribe and that Chetna manually sends these subscribtion mails out – either that or it was just a glitch. It’s is highly admirable, if it wasn’t a glitch, that you as an author of a blog want to deal with each subscriber personally – however, the interwebs are this days a “here-and-now” provider, so you are also running the risk of people unsubscribing again, because they didn’t get what they expected – or rather when

I’m going to quote Chetna Patel, the author of the blog: “I give people tips and tricks to overcome obstacles that you can apply to your daily life” And as I browsed through the posts and articles, it became very obvious that this was really about relaxing, self-caring, letting your mind go and just breathe. I found two articles that I want you to know about.

Journal Prompts and saving the planet

First off, I came across 35 Therapeutic Journal Prompts, that are easy to use in your own journal, whenever you need to regain focus, remind yourself that you are great or anything similar to that. I found that it contained a lot of prompts that – even if we don’t suffer from depression or anxiety – we should ask ourselves every now and again. Keeping a journal is actually a pretty powerful tool, that I feel a lot of people don’t take advantage of. It doesn’t have to be an essay you write every night. These days, where I am working really hard on getting back on my feet jobwise and working a lot on my blog, I have narrowed it down to adding a number from 0-10 each day on my week planner, just to keep track of my mood. It tells me, when it’s time to slow down – or clarifies if a decline in mood is being slowly built or is due to something sudden – because personally, I can’t always tell that myself. My point is that keeping some sort of journal can actually be a bit of a life saver – and if you DO write something, it can be extemely educational to go back every once in a while – often that really can show you how far you have come since then. 

The other thing I found that I wanted to promote – and this is going to seem odd, me being a carnivore and all – but Chetna has written about 6 Easy Tips to transition into being a vegetarian and I want to share that with you….

Now, hold up, I’m not going herbivore, well, at least not yet. I just quit my fags and after that I’ve got a duel with sugar and exercise. But I should cut down on the meat – and frankly, so should you! And it really isn’t that much about weight or feeling awsome, but rather that it has been proved that the processing of meat takes a huge toll on the climate of the world. Actually recent articles I have read, opts for a severe reduction of carni-foods, together with promoting electric cars and fasing out fuelled cars, hold back on flying – and a looot of other stuff that needs to change. I am not going to turn this into a grim judgement day piece, but our climate is pretty important – we only have the one chance to get it right. I may not have converted into veggie, but I have cut down and implemented meat-free days in our food scedule, simply to still do my bit while also quitting the smokes and working on the other things that are supposed to be good for my health, but as I’m changing habits, it doesn’t feel that good to begin with. So I’m linking to that article for those of you, that might be able and ready to go veggie – and for myself to get back to it when I get ready. 

Breathe in…. breathe out

All in all, as I started out saying, this is a blog and a website that gives you this relaxed feeling, visually and in the contents. It’s been a few crazy days for me, so last night was spent pretty much with my feet up, scrolling through (admittedly, since I was sceduled to write this piece, occasionally I took notes too) and just – breathing. I will say this though – if you don’t have cats, that could knock them down, put up some candles and turn the lights down a bit. I actually missed that opportunity last night. But that is no fault of Chetnas – I just have three cats that get dangerously attracted to candle lights and they want to play with it. So I will have to settle for electric light – but if you can, light up a few candles, put on some beautiful, relaxing music – and just indulge. 

You might get a few good ideas;)

With that, I will finish the very first, but certainly not the last, #TheFellowBloggerPromo – hope you’ve enjoyed it, had a little inspiration and that you will take the time to visit the sweet Chetnas blog and have a look for yourself. Leave her some love and some sunshine, just like you would love to be given yourself. That is KARMA, people….it will get back to you. 

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