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Ladies and gent’s, welcome back to The Fellow Blogger Promo, which this time around is also the last and final one.

Before I’m getting started, let me just say that I have enjoyed looking at your blogs, I have learned a few things, gotten inspired and best of all, had the chance to give a little bit back to the community. So this will not be the end entirely, The Fellow Blogger Promo will return, however – I might spice things up a bit and make some changes – we will see about that. 

Also: yesterday I got a little cray and made a video on Twitter for you drawing moomyingbabyt from The Jar – I know, I didn’t speak – but it was not my comfort zone so –  baby steps. Anyway, hope you liked it, got it right here for you too…

My very first video – God, I was nervous!

Before we shift our focus to the star of today, let’s take a quick look at the previous Fellow Blogger stars:

And now…..

Mommying Baby T

One of the most interesting things about doing this #TheFellowBloggerPromo is that I don’t actually chose the blog. I simply add the suggestions to my Jar and draw one. This allows me to focus on blogs, that may not be in my niche – or even in my hemisphere. The past couple of weeks I dove into travelling blogs – not really having travelled myself (and would get quite anxious if I should) – this week I am getting outside the comfort zone again, however not exploring the world per se. 

This week is about the children, about parenting and maybe more specifically parenting with a sustainable mindset. Now, just so there is no doubt what so ever: I don’t have kids. I have not the slightest clue as to how it’s like being a full time mom. I can however tell you that if you let me babysit your offspring, I will most likely unintentionally undo their hard taught good manners and teach them a few verbal profanities. And given the fact that children are fucking spongebrains – they probably can’t unlearn it again. 

This also means that I’m sorta lost when it comes to evaluating the contents of a parenting blog. However, hold your cray cray horses, that doesn’t mean I haven’t got something to add and say. 

You know my three go-to’s right? Social media connections, search fields and the “about” page, to give a little background and identity to the words written – all of those things are in place. In fact the background reveals that Mommy T has come from a 9 to 9 job into having and raising Baby T with her husband. That shows something about values, making choices for one’s life and owning those choices. 

Visually is kept in a very simple and clean cut fashion. There’s a header image revealing Baby T, a clean black menu bar and a few essential widgets on the side. I always get a little jealous of clean and simple blogs, because I am unable to do the same – there’s just too many things I want to put out there. So I kind of admire people that are able to keep the focus narrow and tight and not straying too far from their selected niche. 

The main subjects are “Parenting”, “Cloth Diapering” and “Product Reviews”. I will focus on the “Parenting” in this bit, for that simple reason that my knowledge simply falls short with the two other subjects (though, if you have young children, there might be gold to find there, so don’t forget to check them out) – I know my limits. 

There’s a multitude of different posts in the parenting section, but there are specifically two, that I would like to drag your attention to:

The Right Age To Introduce Chores (<– link)

This is about how you get toddlers to help you cleaning up and there are a lot of good tips and messages in this post. Like the fact that even at a young age, you can start teaching your kids about the responsibility and cleaning up after themselves, simply by making it into a game, something fun and praising the effort rather than the result. I may not have kids, but I firmly believe that kids should learn to help out with chores. I’m also sorry to say, that you can often tell, if someone hasn’t been taught that. Don’t make your kids grow up and think that the Tooth Fairy will continue to wash the clothes or that Tinkerbell will magically clean the room. They wont!
So yeah – this is an important post and worth a read.

Gender Neutral Parenting (<– link)

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I have copied this image from because I thought it was equally hilarious and awesome.

Identifying as nonbinary myself and feeling really strongly against genderfication of toys and social “rules” regarding genderexpectations – it would be rather obvious that I would pull out this article. I am very well aware that there are people out there religiously clinging to the idea that boys wear blue and play with robots and girls wear pink and play with dolls. I wished for toy instruments, robots and gadgetty things, when I was a kid. So I will on the other hand be very “religious” the other way ’round – let your children chose their favorite colour, favorite toy and favorite outfit for themselves. Maybe, just maybe, we would experience a world that were more open to the minorities, if we don’t all try to cut a heel and clip a toe and fit into that restricted binary box that we have created. Because guess what; it is all socially constructed. There are no universal laws that say that blue is for boys and make up is for girls (by the way, boys in dresses and make up actually rock their styles – sometimes more than girls do). 
I am aware that this can get someone on edge, and since this is a blog promo, let’s leave the discussion here (but I might very well take it up in another post later on)…
Reading this post made me so incredibly happy, because it gave me the feeling that Baby T is growing up in an inclusive and loving environment and I think more and more people are starting to be aware of thinking gender neutral terms into their parenting. Which, as said, I think is not only a good idea, but an amazing idea. Just my humble and subjective point of view. 

There are plenty more where this came from and I can only say to any parents of toddler that you should pay the blog a visit. 
I fell a little in love as I ventured on to take a quick look at the Instagram, because – there is a Marvel post on there, which warms my geeky, superheroloving heart. And Baby T  – although he’s not really much of a baby anymore, is so incredibly adorable. If you want to dive a little further into the universe of the T’s then I can also recommend taking a tour to the Pinterest side of things – here you will find a lot related to the blog but also some extras. And of course, if you’re a parent yourself, you can pin the good stuff to your own boards and spread the sunshine that way. 

Just saying 😉


With that, my dears and my cupcakes and my sunshines….

I have reached the end of TheFellowBloggerPromo. 

As said, they will return but maybe altered slightly, or improved or however you want to put it. I am determined to make it a regurlar thing on Rocking the Spectrum – for now, I’ll close it down for 2018, and get it back up and running for 2019. If you have any suggestions for improvements, suggestions for blogs that should have my attention, when I roll BloggerPromos again – you can use this form and let me know. Otherwise you are – as always welcome to use the comment section.

Thank you for the attention, you have given the bloggers that starred these posts. Hope you will continue to show them massive love.

Take very good care of yourselves out there – and remember… on Saturday, Dec 1st, 2018, my long awaited authorship review on Corey Taylor will go live. I’m nervous and almost shitting myself about it, so if you remember – I’d appreciate the love.

Stay amazing

Luv ya

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