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Welcome back to another round of #TheFellowBloggerPromo where we visit the amazing site of Wandering Quinn. Last week we checked in on The Devaulls and saw how they got the social media working for their brand and as you, my dear reader, may remember, I was a little out of my comfort zone.

Well, this week is no different as I venture on to take on another travel blog. To elaborate from last week, I actually don’t know if I focus on the right things. I mean, as someone reading and using travel blogs consistently would. Maybe there are things or services that these blogs have that are essential to fellow travellers, but that I’m sadly unaware of. If so, please feel free to share your travel blogger insights in the comment section, so that my potential ignorance will stand corrected.

Now, let’s hop on board and…
Wow, I have not even left Twitter before I’m officielly amazed! To those of you unaware, the bio of @wandering-quinn informs you that this is a woman, who has quit her job to travel and is currently in India. Let me repeat that, in case you didn’t catch it: “quit her job to travel”! 

Knowing me, you guys know I’m slowly having a minor anxiety attack due to this lil’ rigid Aspergers of mine – but even admitting that, I have to say, that I would kinda love to have the courage to do that. Even a more lose version like “leaving secure foundation to pursue dreams” makes me gasp for air – but wouldn’t that just be awesome and something you’d know you’d look back on with pride, when you’re old? Quinn, you have my sincerest respect, grrl! Rock on! 

So let’s take a look at the site itself – – we have my three go-to’s: social media icons, bio page and a search field.
Frontpage visually reveals these cool carousels of posts! I’m new at this blogging, the graphical stuff, so blog-pimping sh** really catches my attention – and quite frankly, most of what I can do at this point, I learned because other bloggers inspired me. I love the set up of the site; it’s clean, overseeable and inviting. Photos from places, I will never get to see, and Quinn herself, meet me around every corner of the page and even if I never get to see those places, she kind of makes me feel like I’m along for the ride. And I love the header – I like that it’s not just standard text, but it seems like she has actually dedicated some time and effort in getting it just right. 

As said, I’m not super experienced in travel blogs, but I will say this about Wandering Quinn: it’s not just about the travels and destinations themselves. She graciously shares all the things related to those specific travel destinations, such as hotel reviews, back packing, travel tips – such as LifeStraw Bottles – I for one seriously would never have given that a second thought, had I ventured out on a journey. So if you are about to travel anywhere where clean water is scarce, you should read this. 

This is an experienced blogger, so not only do we have the travel related posts, but Quinn also generously shares some blogging tips, that she has encountered on her own blogging journey. I’ll draw the attention to the post on “10 Real and honest ways to increase blog views” (paraphrasing).

There are so many posts on destinations, I didn’t really know which ones to choose for you. So well aware that there might be more interesting posts on I chose to focus on two locations; the one in which I was born, and one, I went to see – almost the exact same walk actually – with my class in school as a teenager.

Ladies and gent’s, I hereby introduce you to the posts of:

“Colourful photos of Copenhagen” (but Quinn, you should come to Aalborg one day)


Walking guide from Amsterdam Centraal Station…

Of course there are plenty more posts where this came from and if you are having one of those days, if it’s raining and you just want to dream yourself some place else – drop by Wandering Quinn and let her entertain you for a few hours. I also know that some days the brain just wont work – so if you are just up for something visual, you should visit Quinns Instagram – it’s PACKED with awesome pictures from around the globe. Given the fact that this is written from a very cold and cloudy day in Aalborg, Denmark, those photos really makes things a little bit brighter. So go and check them out and give them some love along the way too. 

This is rounding up the third Fellow Blogger Promo – next week will be the LAST one – this time around at least. So stay tuned to see who I draw from The Jar next Wednesday and who will close this round of Promos. 

Have a great day, everyone..

Luv ya

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