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Hello there – and welcome to the second round of The Fellow Blogger Promo. Last week Chetna Patel opened up this project and her beautiful, feminine and relaxing page of gaves us insights to many ways of clearing our heads and aiming for our most beautiful self. 

This week our eyes will fix on and I’ll be totally honest with you – I’m a little out of my comfort zone. I find travelblogs fascinating due to – well, all the cool places, I get to read about, but almost never ever having travelled myself, unless it was school trips (three went abroad; Austria, The Netherlands and Scotland) it often leaves me somewhat puzzled and unconnected. I just simply don’t know how it’s like travelling! And for the most part, just thinking about changing my routine scenery, starts messing with my aspie anxiousness. But still – I would soooo wish that I could see all these places for myself. So maybe part of that oddly, disconnected feeling is pure and simple this old nutter being a little bit envious of you guys. is easy on the eyes. I don’t know if you can use that term about a blog, but…I did! The thing is; scroll through their blogs posts and each and every single one of them is headed by this incredibly beautiful picture. And it kinda works like those appetizers in restaurants – you want more. AND you want to know the secret behind creating such beautiful imagery. The featured image for Happy Fall Y’all Tag…WOW. The colours that blends and plays with each other is so amazing. Go see for yourself.

So what exactly is it that you get to know? As mentioned last week, my first three go to’s are search fields, About-page and SoMe icons. They are all there, although I’m awfully curious to know more, than what “About” allows me (I will get to this later). But serious props for the three SoMe icons – you get the feel that they were smart about their SoMe platform, choosing only what is relevant and essential. And that, I think, is the key to pro and efficient blogging. Don’t overdo it – the more platforms you need to update and keep current, the less time you have to actually write. 

But browsing through the posts, it seems this beautiful family consists of at least one baby, as I quickly saw posts on Travel Diaper Bags and Having a Succesful flight with an infant. I don’t know the first thing about babies as motherhood was not bestowed on me, but I can imagine that travelling with an infant could be a bit of a challenge. I see mothers on daily basis on the bus with their strollers, trying to get in and out, keeping the baby somewhat silent and entertained – and the stress and sometimes panic in their eyes, when the baby is just not having it and wails for the entire ride. And that’s what, 10-20 minutes of hardship? So I’ll correct myself – I can actually not imagine having to take a several hour flight with an infant and working out exactly how to get through it with not too many hiccups. But I’m sure a lot of other people do. Maybe there are parents outthere that actually put travelling on hold for that very same reason – well, you should check out then. They’ve been there and they are sharing their tips and tricks.

I, however, instantly feel in love with The Polar Express Train Ride. Not even reading a word! But my absolute love for lights and that feature picture, – SOLD! So I used that screen for my own feature image and added extra lights – there is no such thing as too many lights!
Reading made me somewhat torn, and probably again envious. You see, the experience sounds AMAZING. Like, right up Geek Ally. But it makes me a little sad to know that I wont myself enjoy it to the levels, I could, because it sounds like strangers are going to walk up to you and start talking to you and stuff like that. 
So – being curious, I checked it out on their website New Orleans The Polar Express and in their FAQ’s they DO mention wheel chairs accessability, however nothing about mental disorders like ASD or ADHD etc. Since I’m not going (it’s on the other side of the globe) I didn’t follow up on this, but they do have a contact page, so maybe if you let them know, then the staff will be able to take your disability into account. But I have to be honest – reading even more about it on their website made me think that I might just try the event regardless. It really does sound utterly amazing for children and childish souls. Quite possibly worth the exhaustion, social hang overs and minor melt downs. 

What I really enjoy about is that it’s not all and only about travelling. Testing English beer and autumn bucket lists – there are these little gems of extra pleasures hidden on this site. As someone who’s not a travel-buff it’s really nice with something that IS relatable – and I could stare at those pictures all day long. I know I said it before, but I really love those photos… so I went to check their Instagram!  

Apart from being showered with more great photos, it seemed to lift another layer on the Devaulls, including family photos – which kind of takes you closer to centre, if you know what I mean. The lack of info and connection I felt reading their “About” page on their blog, vanished completely entering their IG platform. So I visited their Pinterest site too – again strongly connected to the blog but with an extra layer added to the whole – like for instanse their blogging tips. 

So I know that I’m only supposed to review the blog, but I must say that to get the full Devaull experience, you have to connect to each of their platforms, if you don’t want to miss out…and THAT my dear friends – it one heck of smart move!!! I am now officially a fan. 

I’m going to let you investigate this Devaull universe on your own now. Remember, there are two more weeks to go on The Fellow Blogger Promo, so if you have a blog OR better yet, want to give another fellow blogger the chance – add the link to the comments or this thread on Twitter – OR simply tag me on Twitter by using @RockingSpectrum – name of the blog – and hashtag #The FellowBloggerPromo. Then I’ll add the link to The Jar.

No, go and check out the Devaulls!

Have a fantastic day.

Luv ya

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2 thoughts on “The Fellow Blogger Promo –”

  1. This post and this series idea is absolutely brilliant!! I loved the DeVaulls already but this has given me even more WOW towards them. I love that you go through everyone’s sites and really dig in. This gave me a whole new way to travel through their site. Thank you! You and the DeVaulls both totally ROCK!!❤️

    1. Hi Abby. Thank you so much for those words. I actually love doing these Promos so I have already decided that they will reoccur after this round. I’m so glad that someone else likes the idea too. Thank you for the feed back❤️❤️❤️

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