This is IT, people!

The FINAL – the ONE AND ONLY – until next year – the AMAZING Spider… wait… Let me pause that DVD for long enough to give you my full attention!

I started out being frustrated and quite miserable about different things, such as Kavanaugh, which you can read a bit about in Investigation of sexual assault matters. 

Throughout October, I have dedicated myself to spreading happy vibes instead, to lift my own mood, but also to counteract some of the very disturbing things we tend to read on Twitter. Or any social media for that matter.

The effect took me by surprice. I have, apart from one slip up, been on a steady course going up. Babysteps of course, but they still count as steps!!

And to help and cheer me along, I have had all of YOU!

I knew, have always known, I wanted to write. Even if I “forgot” or let the dream go over the years, the urge and desire to write never left me. I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted with my website, except I knew I needed it… to write! So I started blogging, mostly to myself and whoever in my family that bothered to read along. I never once, not even for a second, considered that fellow bloggers would be so supportive to the extend that I have experienced it. From a strictly professional point of view (sorry, but I do have a past as a manager), we are competitors, rivals and/or opponents.

What I have learned in the course of October is that while we do “compete for the same customers”, we are first and foremost all of us driven by passion. Whether it’s the writing in itself, advocating for a specific illness or just spreading sunshine and good recipes – the passion shines through every single word I have read from all of you.

You have touched my heart. You have made me cry. You have made me think – and some of you has made laugh so hard, I nearly shit myself!

A person can only touch another like that if their words stem from a deeper place than pure business. I have joined on some follow-trains and gotten to know even more passionate people. You guys are becoming the drug, I can’t quit!

Whenever I upload a new post, I can always be sure that it will be read by someone. That makes me feel extremely humble – and if you even as a bonus comment on my posts, I get so touched and…mentally taller!

Self esteem and self worth has always been issues of mine. There’s a reason why I started the Mirror Challenge, that I put you through in “Days of Selfindulgence”! Word by word, smiling emoji by smiling emoji, you help building me a little fence, I can lean on. You encourage, you cheer and you give feed back. And if something is tricky and I ask on Twitter, you do your best to help.

The fact that I get to work on my blog at Special Minds, as the means to become familiar with CSS and SoMe marketing, is just the icing on the cake. But it has sparked and ignited something inside me that seems like it was just waiting for me to discover it.

Through you, through my writing and your comments and the posts you share, I am putting the pieces together – not that I have the entire picture (do we ever?), but as I mentioned a few times in my last post “Happy nightmares and Nerdy Weekend”, it’s coming together! And to my surprice, I find that I am actually enjoying myself immensely learning CSS and figuring out why technicalities don’t do, what I expect them to do. Fuck – I am becoming a bigger nerd than I was to begin with!

I blame you guys!!

Nah, it’s cool. Especially because what I dive into seems to be a more autistic friendly work environment – and I do think about the future and about who would possibly want to hire me. Me, an Aspie with reoccuring depressions and self harm issues paired with anxiety! But here’s another thing – I’m becoming braver! This Friday, as mentioned in “Lights, lights, lights”, I will go and see the Christmas lights be lit on the exterior of Salling. There’s going to be a lot of people. But I really want to! And I actually think I can do it!

I don’t think I have ever written as much on my blog, as I have in October. I have gained a lot of followers (but hey, if you wanna join this little sunshine family, you just sign up – and go find me on Twitter (@RockingSpectrum) or Instagram (lindlind1978) afterwards). This has also meant a quite huge change for me:

Instead of writing 85-90% in Danish before and English the rest, the roles are now reversed. I primarily write in English now, because face it – most of you who read this are not Danish. Chances are, you don’t know how to shape a Danish sentence, let alone understand it. And chances that my Danish followers understand English is huge. This doesn’t mean (incase any of you Danes should wonder) that I love my beautiful country of forests and blue shores any less. A future project will be about showing Denmark off to all of you outthere, who hasn’t seen our country. I’ve already pinned some Danish Language Lessons on Pinterest, so if you’re curious, go and find out😉

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support, your laughter and your encouragement. You are a good reason why Happy October also became Happy October. I love you all dearly for that.

Next off, is November! Starting tomorrow, we are entering an even darker and colder month, some will get their Christmas lights going, but it will still be dark and I will become increasingly more nervous as the Holidays are getting closer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do in November, not as an official project like Happy October, but still setting myself some goals.

Obviously, I am going to spend a lot of time continuing this site reconstruction. And for those purposes, I’d like to read blog posts on the following subjects:

– Blogging (how to and not to)

– Personal Branding (uh, this reminds me….!)

– CSS for dummes!

– How to boost your views

This is sort of my homework. I went “uh” on personal branding, because I once attended and completed an online course on Personal Branding on Coursera. It was Kimberley Barker from the University of Virginia – and I highly recommend it. Coursera in general is awsome, but I’m kind of a fan of Kimberley Barker after this particular course – guess what, she is passionate about what she does too!

Other plans for November is to make lists of you guys!

Don’t worry, it’s really not as creepy as it sounds! It’s just that if I have a question about e.g. fashion, I will have a list of all the fashion bloggers I follow, so I can easilier tag the right people. The same with communities/organisations for mental health, blogger RT’s etc.

Hey, I’m autistic. I love my lists!

Of course doing some work on the blog, catching upon Facebook that has been somewhat neglected the past month – and writing posts and notes for … hold on…

A book!

I can’t believe I just wrote that! I have dreamed of that since I was a kid, so just writing it, black on white, is a bit….pheww, it’s getting hot.

Call to action, sunshines

Let’s finish off this Happy October with a BANG.

The task at hand is very simple:

  1. Find one or two posts, you’ve written on your blog with the subject of blogging, writers inspiration, CSS for dummies, cool blogging tools and apps, you use – you pick. Alternatively, you can share your goals for November and how you plan on achieving them, as this will also provide an insight to new bloggers and as inspiration for rutined bloggers.
  2. Link to that/those post(s) in the comment section to a)inspire me and b) promote your gold c) help new bloggers that might be reading along right now.
  3. OPTIONAL: Share this post to get the message out there. It doesn’t matter what SoMe platform you use – just remember, you are having your link in this, so choose whatever platform you consider to be opportune for you.
  4. My job is very simple: I comment on the one or two posts you have shared. Then on November 10th 2018, I choose the 5 posts that has left a significant mark (knowing you guys, you will all deliver quality, so it WILL be hard to choose). Those 5 posts, I will share on Twitter and Facebook and add them to Pinterest (please notify me if you do not wish to be shared on one or all platforms!)

This is the first time I am using a Call To Action, so I hope the response will be great. Counting on you guys to help me out.

Now, ya’ll have a werry werry nice and superfantastix day. Luv ya<3

Linda -xx-


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