The Rocking Spectrum Biography

If you ever get curious about Rocking the Spectrum, how it started and the values that fuels the heart of the blog, this is the place to be.
From a private Danish blog for the closest family to an international English blog with readers from across the globe, with niches that were blurred at best to the 2021 resurrection – this is the journey of RtS.

How Rocking the Spectrum started

I had been working as a restaurant manager when I ultimately collapsed. Stress symptoms and depression signs riddled my body and mind and it became the end of my manager career – at least in that company.
I wanted – rather than hiding – to share what depression actually feels like. I had had enough of stereo types and misconceptions. Besides, I have always been a keen writer with a love for stories, so I knew I had the tools to do so, too.
That became the start and the baby steps of what you are reading today. Many of those posts no longer exist, because I wrote them in Danish and this blog has long ago expanded the borders of my beautiful country.

Throughout the changes over the past 4-5 years, I have had mental health, autism, mixed ramblings etc as so-called niches. But by realising I am a trans individual, I needed to reset and carefully think through what I really wanted. If you have followed my trenches on Instagram, you will know that there has been a few changes there as well.
I needed to clarify to myself exactly what I wanted Rocking the Spectrum to be.

And the answer was rather simple…

Rocking the Spectrum is about acknowleding, embracing and empowering who you are, regardless of which spectrum you are on, and how you are placed on that spectrum. The beauty of being human lies in our diversities.

I myself write mostly about two spectrums:

  • The Gender Spectrum
  • The Autism Spectrum

The Gender Spectrum

On the Gender Spectrum I am a trans guy leaning on a non-binary take on gender roles. I express a binary take in terms of who I’m attracted to and what I prefer to wear and such. Nothing can fuel my fire more than someone stating that “you can’t wear this because you are a man” or “that is not a woman’s job” though – because why not?!

It’s more or less a cliche on social media! I will say it anyway, though: you do you! And don’t let anyone tell you you are “wrong” for doing so.
Besides; I’m not a stranger to nail polish or an eye liner on occasion. I have lived in an estrogene body for four decades and that taught me some fun stuff too.

This is the place I write from, knowing full well that there are so many more ways to identify and live within the Gender Spectrum.
In time, it is my hope to create collaborations and share stories from people who identify differently.

The Autism Spectrum

I got late diagnosed with Aspergers’ Syndrome in 2017. This was actually what changed this blog into an awareness blog with readers from all over the world.
Aspergers’ is often described as a high-functioning autism, but this is a very naive – and un-educated – way of describing that part of the spectrum. It reads into a linear understanding of autism, but the spectrum – any spectrum – is not linear but has multiple dimensions.
I can – for my part – only write from where I stand. But I will, like with the Gender Spectrum, work on and hope for future collaborations that will allow you, the reader – on the spectrum or not, to get a more diverse and in depth understanding of Aspergers and the rest of the entire autism spectrum.

The Tool Box

The Tool Box is not specifically tools for autism or tools to deal with coming out as trans – it’s just things I use myself to cope in a variety of ways as a human being in a busy and sometimes superficial world.
When these tools work wonders for me, I share them.
They might also be inspired by professionals or maybe I will even recommend reading a certain book or visiting a certain website.
The only common nominator is that they have helped me and maybe they help you too.
Just like Trans Verses and Autism Tunes, The Life Tools is a subject where I welcome contributors. Because there are plenty of good ideas outthere and I can’t make them up alone, because what works for me might not work for you.
No man is an island!

The Rocking the Spectrum Values

One thing that hasn’t changed since May 2016 is my blogging values.

I knew that having to market my blog on social media, it would mean that it would be easy – especially in a state of depression and stress fatigue – to be overwhelmed with how other blogs looked like, how other bloggers wrote and how all the others took pictures for Instagram. Being the little alien nerd that I am – and glad to be so – I therefore vowed to remain authentic. To ensure that, I created the following values:

  • Trust (my gut feelings)
  • Passion (as the key motivator)
  • Honesty (to myself and to others)

And the passion is really the key and it only grows stronger as I get to know more people in blogosphere – it’s the passion for the stories.
The ones that inspire, the ones that educate us, the ones that break our hearts and put them back together and the ones that give us hope.

This is also what has changed with the 2021 re-boot of Rocking the Spectrum – because while I may have a ton of stories to share, I want to show the diversity and make room for others to share their versions. Because quite frankly and put in a blunt Elias-kinda-way; listening to this old fart can be tiresome for both you and I.
Well, it can be for me! 😉
And besides, I am not and will never be representative of the entire queer, trans or autistic community – the diversity is much bigger that what one man can put words to.
So, as of 2021 Rocking the Spectrum will work on showcasing the many stories on the spectrums.
Head over to Let’s Collaborate to learn more about being a contributor.

Your Support is Crucial

I firmly believe in advocating for awareness.
But I can write until my fingers bleed, but the awareness is created by you.

You can support by liking, commenting and sharing the posts that are relevant to people you know. Without you, I can only do very little.
The awareness part on a greater scale – that part comes from you.
Like I said before; no man is an island.

You are also able to support Rocking the Spectrum with a financial contribution as well. So far, you can do that by getting in touch on and we will take it from there. It can be a donation or we can set up a sponsor agreement.
Read more about possible collaborations on Let’s Collaborate.

Either way and however much or little you choose to support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Have an amazing day 🙂