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Did you know that Rocking the Spectrum was not always about spectrum stories?
Did you know that the blog started out in Danish and was not always called Rocking the Spectrum?

Find out how it all started and how the blog has evolved over time, as Elias takes you through the RtS journey.

How Rocking the Spectrum was born

I had been working some years as a manager when I ultimately collapsed. Stress and depression riddled my body and mind and although having faced it before in my younger days, this time it was different; I was done not having control over my health and insisted on answers.

Struggling to find stories I could connect with and facing stigma, I decided to share what depression actually felt like for me. I wanted to tell the story as authentic as possible, even the parts of depression that is not easy to talk about – like the fact that your home tends to look like shit and you struggle with basic stuff like taking a shower.
Those first posts became the start and baby steps of what you are reading today. Many of those original posts no longer exist, because they were written in Danish.

Due to authenticity, my blog was named after my own civil name at first. I wanted to signal that you should not have to hide, when life knocks you down. No one should feel less valid for feeling human.
Receiving my late diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, the blog shifted gear and the blogging community really started to grow – and expand beyond the border of my little Scandinavian country. This meant a shift in the language used and also in name for my blog.

Why Rocking the Spectrum?

Starting to embrace and learning the theories about autism and recognising and connecting those to my own life, I wanted to sharpen my niche. That’s what bloggers do, right?

I wanted to write about autism from the autistic perspective. And I wanted the name of the blog to represent who I was, rather that what I was called, as I was already at this point growing increasingly detached to my civil name.
One of my stims, when I really need to zone out and shut out noise of any kind, is rocking back and forth. It’s very rare that I allow people to see it, but it’s an important self regulator for me.
Add to that, I have a huge love for rock music and music in general, so I knew I’d be wanting to tap into that somehow.
Autism, I learned, is not a single condition that presents the same in everybody, but rather a spectrum of many variations, all leading back to and being part of the autistic landscape.
And behold; Rocking the Spectrum was born.

Not quite at home yet…

While Aspergers Syndrome and autism explained a lot and for a while gave me som rest, something inside began to stir. I still felt out of place and detached.
The summer 2019 I discovered that the detachment came from being a trans individual. The world knew me as a daughter, sister, aunt – but I realised I felt like a son, a brother, an uncle.
This initiated a long break from the blog, because I needed to clarify to myself exactly what I wanted Rocking the Spectrum to be.
I knew I wanted to keep the name. But I felt a disconnect between what the blog was (a personal blog) and where I wanted to take it.
I wanted authenticity but I grew increasingly aware that truth lies not within one spectrum voice, but in the choir of voices we all represent.

The New Rocking the Spectrum

In 2021 I have been working on changes here.
If you have followed my trenches on Instagram, you will know that the changes has spread throughout my social platforms.
I wanted to keep sharing my life experience. Be it autism, being transgender or how I spiritually connect with life – I wanted room for it all.
But I also knew that one voice would not be enough. Amidst Black Lives Matter, women’s fight for equal rights, transgender individuals struggling and so many misunderstood diagnoses, it seems like we are all trying to over-shout each other to create awareness – when in stead we should be a choir of minorities, gathering our voices to create the most beautiful harmonies.
This became the idea and the birth of The Spectrum Stories and the new approach for RtS.

The Human Spectrum

Rocking the Spectrum is about embracing and empowering who we are, regardless of spectrum and how we are placed on it. It’s about our stories; the minority voice within a society seemingly shaped for the majority.

When describing autism or gender identity, it is common to hear a linear approach that deals with “high” vs “low” and “more” vs “less”. However, neither of the two can be fully understood in that context, as both are spectrums.
The same goes for many other aspects of human life. We tend to “organise” by skin colour, abilities, hair colour, intelligence – just to name a few – when in reality, nothing is that simple.

I just introduced Rocking the Spectrum as the place for the minority voice within a society seemingly shaped for the majority. When I say “seemingly” it’s due to the fact, that if we gather all minorities and teamed together – we would BE the majority.

The beauty of being human lies in our diversities.

And that is what Rocking the Spectrum and specifically The Spectrum Stories needs to be about. Not just my story, but a choir of stories from all layers and corners of the human spectrum.

The Rocking Spectrum Values

The new Rocking the Spectrum is shaped around certain values and outlooks on life. These values must be at the core of any contribution to the content of the blog.

Creating content for Rocking the Spectrum means creating content that helps, educates or reflects on the reader. People living through the same, needs someone to identify with, to understand their own life through – and people who hasn’t seen life from your shoes needs authentic and honest stories they can learn and grow from.

Your Support is Crucial

I firmly believe in advocating for awareness.
However, the contributors can write until our fingers bleed, but the awareness is created by you.

You can support us by liking, commenting and sharing the posts that are relevant to people you know – or just give us a like and/or a share, if you feel the story moved you.
Without you, I and the other contributors can only do very little.
The awareness part on a greater scale can only be done by your help.

Read more about possible collaborations on Let’s Collaborate.

However way you choose to support, I on behalf of all contributors thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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