The Sunshine Blogger Award part 2, blo

As I am writing this, it’s early Sunday morning. The coffee is brewing, the cats are fed and the neighbours on the other side of the bedroom wall sound like they are having a group masturbation, but knowing their sounds it’s probably gaming night turned morning. Unless of course a gathering of at least four men can be a lot more…interesting, than I give them credit for – then it might be just what it sounds like. Any guys outthere? Feel free to confirm or deny in the comment section. How interesting does guy meet ups become? 

Fuck I’m taken off topic here, so here’s some pictures of my cats and the way they join me, when I’m having my morning writing sessions with coffee in bed. 

Showing off cat pictures

And it’s kinda funny that I’m writing the Sunshine Blogger Award right now, because apart from the suspicious noises from next door, the sound of raindrops tapping my bedroom windows fills my ears too. Sometimes living in an apartment gives you the oddest collection of auditory afflictions.

Aaaanywho, let’s get down to business. I was nominated for my second Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Herding Cats. The link takes you to her Sunshine Blogger Award post. If you want to follow someone who is serious about books, she’s your go-to-blogger. Add in the support and kindness she holds, it’s amazing if you don’t follow her already. So off, you go – no wait, not yet! Hey, I’m writing my ass off for you here. Read this – and then you can go visit her. Deal? 

So, no Sunshine Blogger Awards without going through the rules. You want to know the rules?

Are you sure? As soon as you know them, you can’t claim plausible deniability…? Okay, your call – here goes:

See that line?…either you know what it means, or you don’t!

The Rulez

  1. Say thank you to the blogger who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
  2. Then answer the 11 questions you’re asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs/bloggers and give them 11 crispy new questions to answer.
  4. Notify those nominees and remember to display the Sunshine Blogger Award-image in your post

Seems pretty simple right? It kinda is, but you need to read my answer to the 11th question – it’s important. Extremely important. The well being of your loved ones depends on it. 

Okay, so let’s dive into the 11 awsome questions, and I ccan guarantee you that I will not answer them briefly, but that just means you’ll get to know me a lot better. I don’t know if that’s a good thing – but it IS a fact!

Les onze questions de Herding Cats pour moi

Who is your favourite author?

Corey Taylor! I know, I’m supposed to say that, Slipknot fan and all, but it takes a certain kind of genius to invent an entire new genre. And he’s fucking bad ass at writing. There are multiple authors I admire, but Taylor has a way of always making me laugh, think and learn. I already did a review on “You’re making me hate you” and December 1st I will upload a post on his entire authorship. So maybe that will give you a clue on how he’s like as an author.

Why do you blog?

Honestly, I can’t help myself. I blog because it gives me an excuse to write and write some more. Writing is a way to try to capture the 10 lane freeway in my mind and try to keep up with the traffic in my humble Toyota Aygo (metaphorically speaking; I don’t own a car!). I feel at ease when I blog, when I write poetry (yeah, I do that) or fiction (yeah, I do that too!) and if it makes sense to anybody else – it’s just peachy. But bottom line is: I can’t stop writing, any less than I can stop breathing. 

What’s your idea of the perfect writing place?

Seriously?! I’m literally sitting in my bed with two purring cats warming my thighs with the sound of rain drops on my window and coffee on the side! If I got paid for doing this – it would be paradise!

The awsome thing about writing is that you get to take your workplace with you, if you feel like it. My mind comes with all sorts of loop holes, corners and traps, so the scenery that works one day, might not work the next – usually though, sitting in bed in the wee hours of morning is a winner.

How long have you been blogging?

I started this site, back around the time of my previous break down in 2015/16, wanting to show and talk about mental health and awareness from my side of the fence. Mostly read by a few family members until an organisation for eating disorders asked for a personal story, so I wrote and sent them a post called “Loneliness is the worst enemy” – to this day it is still the piece that holds the record for most views in 24 hours. Well, the Danish version holds that record – I decided to translate into English after the fact. 

But I didn’t really dive into the entire blogging community until end September/beginning October this year (2018), revealing a community that amazed me by it’s support and love and inclusion. I know it’s not an actual office, but fuck, I have the best colleagues on the planet right now. A few weeks later, my work place IRL Special Minds, which is a place that trains neurodiverse people like myself to get back into the workfield, they allowed me to start this self-comtrolled project with Rocking the Spectrum, in which I am to learn, train and work with things like webdesign, online marketing, SoMe marketing, programming etc. Which means that I am basically being my own chief, only supervised ocasionally by a designated counsellor from Special Minds. 

So I guess the short answer (I told you, I wouldn’t be brief) is: I’ve been blogging “for real” for about a month and a half. 

What else do you enjoy doing – apart from blogging?

You know what, it’s a myth that people with Aspergers only have one specific special interest. While that may be true for some, for others it can be quite different. In my case, I have several interests, that can change from time to time in flavour and intensity. 

Snif demanding my attention as I’m writing this! Adorable little thing!

Besides writing my blog, poetry and fiction, I dabbled with things like drawing and designing (outfits). I think I’ve touched base with any kind of creative outlet during my lifetime so far. 

Apart from that I’m very much into politics, ethics, climate issues and stuff. It’s why I got started with Twitter in the first place, because I knew that most politicians used Twitter as some sort of info platform. As a consequence of that, you will occasionally come across posts that fall outside the usual categories I use. Right now, I have two drafts I’m working on, one about #metoo and the other about gender-bullying females on SoMe. Keep an eye on my count down in the sidebar, before you know it, they might pop up there!

Generally I’m addicted to learning. I think it comes with the curiosity I have. Part of that is a great interest in languages and codes, because I find that often things get lost in translation. 

The jokes in Disney movies are just simply more fun in English, than in the Danish dubbed version. 

What would be your dream job?

Pretty much anything that would combine my need for creativity (preferably writing) and a greater purpose. It could be awareness on mental health or Aspergers, it could be working for equality or just simply bringing a smile onto peoples faces – it doesn’t really matter. I need a purpose, I need food for my brain and I need creativity – any job containing these three aspects, would be something I’d consider – and quite possibly accept. 

Any takers? I am technically currently unemployed, as my occupation at Special Minds is a part of my social rehabilitation plan. But I guess I should stick with that plan until I’m actually cleared for duty.

Do you have any quirks? Do Tell!

Muhaha! I have Aspergers – quirks kinda come with the territory! I’d like to think that those quirks make me charming AF, but for all I know, it might just annoy the crap out of everyone else. You be the judge.

Let’s see, where to start…?

I stim A LOT to music, subsequently often wearing down or even destroying my headphones, which in my world equals disaster. However I do this in private, while hand stimming is rather visual to anybody else. As I stim to music, an entire imaginary world opens up, I described this a bit in The Alien Life – A Life With Aspergers Syndrome, and I can get quite cranky if I don’t get to do that kind of stimming, as it seems to be a way for me to process and deal with the data that runs through my head every second of the day – and often nights. 

I make this noise with my mouth and tongue, when I am pondering or solving problems – maybe it’s a sort of vocal stim. I click a few times with my tongue, pretty much like a bat finding it’s way.

I am clumsy! No, really I am. You would not believe how hard it can be to walk through a door opening, without hitting the door frame. Or actually getting food and liquids to stay INSIDE my mouth – if they even get in there and don’t spill on my – usually white – clothes. I don’t wear white a lot, but for some reason, when dealing with gravy, chocolate – anything that colours – I seem to be wearing white. It almost never ever fails. Besides that, I am nearly 100% incapable of mounting a moving escalator, without tripping or ending up with my feet three steps apart (and those metal steps are BIG). Those monsters are stressful pieces of shite! 

Speaking of shite, I swear a lot. My mum has bravely tried – and failed – to change that the first 20 years of my life. Deal with it!

My kind of intelligense allows me to see the finer details, to view the same story from all sides, to analyse and to create detailed strategies and learn new stuff pretty quick. 
But I cannot for the love of me seem to grasp the concept of the remote control for the TV. When I leave my home, I can be pretty sure I didn’t bring my keys, my creditcard, my buscard, my phone – or all of the above. I always come up with really smart places to put things, because it’s so odd, I’m bound to remember where I put them, right? – except I never remember, and because the places are so odd, I rarely find them easily either. I can’t always tell a joke from a fact, leaving a tail of misconceptions behind me. 
But fuck, can I play a bad ass game of chess! When in the love of two grey horses does that come in handy?!

A final quirk, the last secret to spill, is I created a language code when I was about 8 years old, and I still use it today, which basically was brought on by the fact that I saw cyrillic letters for the first time. In my early twenties I did another one, with the regular Latin letters, but unfortunately didn’t evolve it that far. Today, from that code I can only remember Ê buthu bae dich lï dach nï dae. I only remember it because those words became a mantra of mine: “I want to fly high and low, but never die” (roughly translated).

What book character would you like to be and why?

Oh, this is a tough one, harder than I initially expected. 

I think I’m going to go with Luna Lovegood of the Harry Potter universe, even if it is somewhat unoriginal to drag Harry Potter into this. But I really like her attitude, her weirdness AND she can do magic!
Or I’d go with Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, mainly because elves has always fascinated me, and she’s protects the woods and she has the ability to communicate with people without actually speaking. 

What TV character would you like to be and why?

The one with the dragons in Game of Thrones – her name eludes me right now…
Because – dah – she has DRAGONS. I mean, I love my cats, but dragons! You can ride their backs when they fly!

Any tips for new bloggers?

You are going to read a shitload of articles and posts about the do’s and don’t of the blogging universe. How to start, how to design, how to gain followers, how to brand yourself, SEO, creating a niche – tired, yet?

Skip all that. Not because it’s false, because it’s not, but skip it, because it i not important, compared to the most important thing.

You gotta LOVE what you do! Never lose sight of what drives you to blogging. That passion is the fuel that feeds your fire. Without that, everything else becomes irrelevant and pointless. 

Don’t try to be someone, you’re not. When you read about branding yourself, know that the easiest brand to maintain is the authentic one. The one where you don’t pretend. Never ever sell yourself short. If someone offers you to write a post about a product and you don’t like it – don’t lie! In fact, be careful with overdoing the entire affiliate universe – as a reader, you can easily tell the difference between passion and duty. 

Any words of wisdom for life in general?

Never eat yellow snow! If the coffee is cold, eat an ice cream and then the coffee will feel warm again. And it gives you an excuse to eat ice cream. Also; never run out of ice cream!

On a more serious note:

In all it’s splendor, life occasionally sucks! No way getting around it. You can let it eat you alive or you can tickle it under its feet. You can bite a toe off while you tickle.
It’s okay to look like shit! It’s okay to have flaws and be imperfect. It’s when shit hits the fan and somebody – including you – fucks up, that life becomes a ROFL-ing thing. Don’t for a second believe those pretty Instagram pictures; trust me, they get hemoroids, boring sex and vaginal itches too. Or diarrhea. Or if they are unfortunate, all of the above. Just don’t scratch the itch while succomming to the diarrhea – a friendly advice. And wash your hands! Regardless. Thank you.

You’re supposed to be flawed and imperfect. It makes you more beautiful than you will ever know or probably admit to yourself.

Finally – while writing a larger blog piece, constantly check if the shit autosaves as it’s supposed to and constantly check the internet connection. Just do it! Trust me. Otherwise you will end up with hair as grey as mine and a fist that hurts and a wall that needs fixing. Don’t go there – just check the goddamn connection. Blogger-to-blogger. 

Well, there you have it. The answers and ponderings of the eleven questions and hopefully I haven’t bored you to sleep.

11 questions for my awsome nominees

  1. What is the best part of the city you live in?
  2. If you should describe the people of your nation in 3 words, what would they be?
  3. The worst or oddest dream, you have had
  4. The best place you have ever visited, and why
  5. What is the biggest wish for Christmas? And why
  6. If you were to announce just one blogging goal for 2019, what would that be?
  7. Do you have a favorite/lucky number – and do you know why?
  8. Any place in the world, your choosing, where would you go and why?
  9. Favorite ice cream flavour?
  10. How is the weather like, right now, at your particular place on the planet – and does it suit you?
  11. What do you consider to be the hardest part about SunshineBloggerAwards?

The next nominees in line

You know what – I think I’ll throw you a little poem I wrote a while back and finish off with that…

They pull and they tear

I beg, they don’t care

It’s nonsense, I know it is

But the only sense they make of this

I close my eyes, the vision clears

I holds my ears, the noises nears

Hate and indifference overflow

Like ghosts and ghouls they aim for my soul

The smiles turn to frowns

And the laughter of clowns

The gentle touches

Become torches



Ever so slightly I breathe

Do not wake what’s underneath

‘Cause I’m not sure, if they wake

I get to see the light of day

©Linda V Lind, 2018

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8 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award part 2, blo”

  1. Than you so much for doing it….twice and for the lovely words about me. Love your answers. Very detailed and honest. I’ve never read any Corey Taylor but I’m intrigued now. Your cats are beautiful, I love cats (Even though I have a dog) because they’re such rebels. I think your quirks are awesome, many are similar to my son’s. I really like your poem too. Poetry is beautiful and my mind just doesn’t seem to function in a poetic manner. I have full intentions of working through the archives of your blog and I’m in awe of your record for most hits x

    1. So many lovely words I don’t know how or where to start.
      So let me say this: you are truly a very special person and your words mean the world to me.
      Funny that your son has some of the same quirks. But I just guess that is the autism showing off. Usually it makes my girlfriend laugh. Sometimes she Rolls her eyes. A few times she gets annoyed (with every reason).
      If you get around to Corey Taylor do let me know what you think

      Hugs from DK

  2. Well done on the second award!! I am the same with my favourite place to blog, I am currently in a hotel but I’m in bed blogging away (although without cats which is sad). And yesss would love to be Daenerys the mother of dragons, she’s so cool and it’d be very cool to fly around on some dragons 🙂

    Chloe xx

  3. OMG! I love all your answers! Your blogging tips and words of wisdom are thought provoking and funny. And what’s yellow snow? I’ve never seen snow so I’m imagining snow where a dog peed (?) hahaha
    And that quirk about creating new languages? That’s a rare talent!
    I enjoyed getting to know more about you in this post, and will also check out your other posts on Asperger’s as I’m curious to learn more about it.

    1. Hi there
      Well it doesn’t have to be a dog. It can be human – or a horse. But no matter the creature you are right about the peeing
      Thank you so much for those kind words. I tend to blush when getting sweet words, so rouge has nothing on me right now!
      Have an amazing day wherever you are❤️

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