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My Top 5 Slipknot Songs

Seems like now is as good a time as ever to do another “Top 5” to sort of get my writing jump started again. As revealed on Twitter and a group on Instagram, I’ve been taking some time off to breathe after my little autistic brain got ambushed by events beyond my control. Dark thoughts have been roaming and contaminating my cerebrum and technically I’m still in a kind of “reboot” mode.
In a sense, that is something I have to do on my own, but there are 9 guys on this planet, who can create the kind of stimuli, that speed up the process.
Yes, we are talking about Slipknot.
And the title for the post is somewhat ridiculous, because my top 5 Slipknot songs changes, depending on my mood. Except for no. 1 – which is why that title is tattooed on my arm.

Depending on how long you’ve been tagging along this digital realm of mine, this top 5 may or may not be a surprice. For those in the know, I have previously written about a week of sensory badassery, which among other goodies referred to the release of “All Out Life”, a new release that – by the way – went mad on YouTube. You will also know that on Dec 1st ’18, I launched a review of the authorship of frontman Corey Taylor.
So why have I not done this sooner?
Because 1) the Slipknot Top 5 of mine changes a lot and 2) I’ve been busy writing you guys a shitload of other stuff, some of it pretty serious too, such as the Dry January post where I told you about (my) alcohol misuse and how you could spot if you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol.

But now, after a bad BAD week, I need something lighter.
I need to just write and not think too damn much, because this pink blob of mine is already on overload – but I miss the writing, so I figured NOW was the time for yet another TOP 5.

Okay, cupcakes – are ya ready?
Better be :-*

Number 1

There is a very good reason why “XIX” is tattoed on my left arm. Being righthanded, my left arm has taken the majority of cuts when it comes to self harm, it’s my left arm that has the deepest cuts from suicide attempts – and XIX is now tattoed onto that same skin to remind me, whenever I get those thoughts, to “get back up”, to keep fighting.
It is and will always be my no. 1 Slipknot song – well, my no.1 favorite song – period!
No other song lyrics has ever hit me that hard and I doubt that any ever will. For that reason, I found you a lyric video and I hope you will spend 3 minutes listening to the words.

Number 2

I HAD to! Just for that simple reason that my head imagines that intro live in concert and the view, I’m seeing, is fucking amazing.
“All Out Life” is not the darkest of Slipknot repetoire, but who said it had to be? The energy is undeniable, the sound has Slipknot engraved in every note and the lyrics are – as pretty much always – awesome and worth taking a few minutes to give some extra thought. I did not find a lyric vid for you though – the official video is in my humble opinion too awesome to not show.

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Number 3

“Sic” is a little on and off on this list, but in days of struggle, like these days, it enters the heavy rotation list pretty damn fast.
First of all the fierce, “I’ll-tear-you-the-fuck-apart” kind of energy sort of hauls your ass out of bed if you are trying to hide from the world underneath the covers. You just have to do something!
But with the diagnoses on my psych wrap sheet it also may come as no surprice that these lyrics hold a certain kind of meaning for me. Whether this meaning was intended, I don’t know. I avoid listening to what songwriters wanted to do with a song, because occasionally that has ruined some songs for me over the years.
Take a read (and listen) for yourself…

Number 4

Sometimes this gets to no.2 but currently it’s a little lower on the list – but hey, if you think about the entire repetoire of Slipknot, it’s still pretty high, right?!
“Psychosocial” was one of the first Slipknot songs I heard and what caught my ears was this blend of roar and melodic vocals, the breaks and twists of the sound wall, that could easily have come off confusing and random, but are so controlled and on point.
It’s a steady top 5 and if I want to listen to Slipknot and can’t really decide where to start – “Psychosocial” tends to be my go to choice.
Enjoy it, my lovelies….

Number 5

As I start this paragraph, I literally don’t know where this ends – this is where is gets hard to choose.

Nah, wait a minute – let me see if I can scare the shit out of you…

This one was and is basically me having a very – VERY – dark sense of humour. The first time I heard it, I didn’t even pay attention to the verses, because the chorus left me “growly-giggling” hard.
And since this June I will get to see Slipknot live at Copenhell, why not throw the live video in this post to finish off this top 5.
This is “Custer” –
Hey, I told you, I have a dark humour!

OF COURSE, there is a bonus!!!
Hell, I’d make about fifteen bonusses, if it weren’t for the growing fatigue of that beforementioned pink blob.
You see, most of the people I know think Slipknot is just crazy ranting, no melody (scoff) – and I thought I’d finish this post off showing you the diversity of Slipknot. There are a few to choose from for bonus material for that kind of diversity, but I am going with “Vermillion Part 2” as the mood in the song strikes home and the video itself is beautifully composed.

Th-th-th- that’s all, folks!

I’ll go rest my weary soul and give me a few days to get my shit properly together and then I will be back to feed your inbox, your feed and your eyes again… hopefully with something worth reading.

Otherwise – no, there are no refunds!

Until I do get that brown stuff together, why don’t you pop over on Medium and read my Medium-only rant about the Spoon Theory?

Said it before and I’ll say it again…

Luv ya :-*

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My name is Linda and I set my eyes on the world for the first time back in the summer of 1978.
In 2017, after decades of struggling with various mental issues and illnesses, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an autistic spectrum condition. My most dominant co-morbid illnesses are depression and anxiety.
Born in Copenhagen, living several places throughout Denmark in my life, I’m currently settled in Northern Jutland, in the rapidly growing city of Aalborg. Here I worked a handful of years as a manager in high performance environments, until a mental break down in 2017.
Rocking the Spectrum is not a knowledge base on autism per se, but rather a peak behind the scenes, showing the life of someone autistic – in the hopes that it will help conversations and understanding along elsewhere on this blue planet.

I am not a professional health worker and any views and statements must be viewed as personal opinions and experiences only.

My special interests are languages and codes, music, books, urban gardening, animals – and writing is my way of breathing.

Proceed into the blog with caution – I swear a lot. Don’t blame my parents – they HAVE tried to improve my behaviour!

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