It has been one helluva week!

The scedule for this week, blog-wise, is somewhat insane – or it was until I decided to do this combo-post where I’m kinda collecting all the awsomeness into one. It has still been somewhat insane, considering I also went to a WordPress MeetUp, had prolonged hours at work, dentist appointment… all of which to regular folk sounds like a bit of a bother, but any fellow autistics out there can probably feel their heart rates go up, just thinking about it.

And still I feel like every part of this post should rightfully have it’s own post, but there are not enough hours in the day…well, technically there is, but considering that I’m still on sick leave with the consequences of poorly dealt with Aspergers (depression and anxiety), I have to get my priorities straight. There are indeed many things, I would love to do, but if I have to take care of myself, there are compromises that have to be made.

This post is one of those compromises.

It has been a week of sensory badassery! A lot of people think that only “bad things” can overwhelm and overstimulate people with autism – and maybe that is the case for some – but in general our senses doesn’t discriminate! Too much input foist on my senses, good or bad, will have me bouncing off the walls, being agitated – or even having a melt down. Right now, physically, I’m exhausted but unable to sleep. My entire skin itches. I’m stimming a lot with my hands (repetitive movements to soothe state of mind) and touch, girlfriend or cats, is unpleasant. This is not complaining – it’s explaining what happens to someone autistic, even if it’s all good news. It is also me giving a heads up – I will be dialing down the next couple of weeks, trying to be a bit better at prioritzing. 


Actually, it started with Corey Taylor on IG posting the words “It’s coming”. And me, being a busy bee with my blog project was like “yeah 2019 is not that far away” – because that was what I’d heard at that point: that they would get together in the new year and start working on the new material. They being Slipknot, if you don’t know! Sorry, if I became guilty of assuming things. By the way, is it me, or does that look like some kind of horror movie grin, he’s showing off? And if I’m being really annoying, the hat could use a dusting off too. And WHO is the guy in the background? You can’t just throw shit up on social media like that and not explain – curiousity killed the cat AND me! 

Suddenly, my phone lights up a second time – IG again, but this time Slipknot. Announcing and linking to the new single All Out Life and me being like….


But of course I followed the link, my kind of curiosity doesn’t let stuff like that go, no matter how busy I am or what I’m supposed to be doing instead. And while I for the first 30 seconds was somewhat in disbelief of what I saw, thinking it was just a short video for promoting summer tour 2019, it dawned on me that this was IT! New Slipknot music! Next thought was comparable to a Disney and Marvel wonder combined:

“When the FUCK did they get the time to do that?”

Following them on social media hadn’t left many clues and in fairness if the clues would’ve been anywhere, it would be with the profiles of Corey Taylor (as he is – by far – the most SoMe active person in the band) – and Corey Taylor had just come off a tour with Stone Sour, and (it seemed) literally just got home from the Jericho Cruise.

So again…how the FUCK did they pull this off?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s Slipknot and for some part, it is what should be expected. Not this particular surprice, but the fact that they shatter the concept of the walls of the box should be expected. The result was breathtakingly awsome! The intro for All Out Life made me visualize the upcoming tour and how that particular intro could make a crowd go wild – and my God; I know I don’t believe in you, but I really hope that I will be able to go in the summer of ‘19. 

And here’s another thing worth mentioning. I didn’t fact check this, mind you, but I consider this person to be a reliable source. Alicia Dove announced on Twitter that the video on YouTube hit 3,4 million views within the first 24 hours and 10 million within the first week. I will write what I replied to that tweet.. or the essence of it:

We (the Slipknot fans) were starving and suddenly we were fed. Not with bread or dry biscuits – or paper towels (!!) – but with the juiciest meat, that would make Gollum sing. Actually I added buttercooked potatoes, icecream and chocolates in the tweet, but I think our little hobbit would make a pass on those things. The ‘tatoes would probably make him spit! But it seems like the video has taken some serious height. So just for the hell of it, and incase you haven’t seen it or need to see it again – why not push those numbers a bit..?


”…those coloured lights are fucking infantile”, Corey Taylor sings but I don’t care! Lights are lights, and I have written a few posts on what lights does to this autistic mind of mine. You have a sneak peak in “Litter boxes and rainbows” and even more in “Lights, lights, lights” (ya think the title is selfexplanatory?!).

Now, to sum up the event (and YES, I know it’s an entire different ball game than Slipknot, but it’s MY Aspergers and MY special interest, so deal with it or jump to the paragraphs on The Prodigy or Aim To Head or Stephen King):

Salling, which is a highend warehouse, lights up the Christmas lights on the exterior walls at an event with a mini concert every year. It brings people out and together and kickstarts the Christmas season. This time, having opened the venue “Salling Rooftop” (which reminds me, I forgot to show you something cool….oh well… I’ll try to remember that for another post) there were some extra happenings and treats for the people. Me, having social anxiety, didn’t care for any of that, however nice it sounded. It would be a personal victory just seeing the lights come on.

And guess what: I did! I was victorious!

And I had enough energy to film the entire thing for you guys (but shortened it down a bit for YouTube) AND two of the songs performed by the Danish musician Peter AG. Now, I know that most of you wont know who he is. But in the post of Coming Together, I talked about another great Danish musician, Kim Larsen, right?

Peter AG is another beacon of light on the Danish music scene, going on 50 years soon! What fascinates me is not so much the music – maybe it’s a bit too happy for my taste (which is kinda sad!), but how Peter AG becomes completely absorbed by the music, when he performs. Watch the video I made, and you will know what I mean.

After the lights and the two songs I outlastet, I had to get away from the crowd. But I did get to take a selfie after the fact, not looking too overwhelmed, if I might say so myself – but still not looking to keen either. But inside my skin I was proud as fuck that I pulled it off. You can find that over at my IG home (lindlind1978).

Because – if I do get to see Slipknot live in the summer of ‘19, with my social anxiety and sensory issues – I better practise some stamina and get to know some strategies for selfpreservation in tight and huge crowds. The lighting of the Salling exterior seemed and seems a good place to start.


As you already know from my book review of Stephen Kings The Outsider, I have read a book.

I don’t mean to make it sound like I never read a book. But fact is, depression and anxiety and a frantic attention deficit brain can make accomplishing reading a book a pretty hard task. I have started a few books, but the past years it pretty much comes down to the books of Corey Taylor, a few crime novels – and The Outsider. It was absolutely amazing to just dive into that King universe again and just let the pages take all controls. And apart from the peak of my last break down, where I was hearing voices and seeing shit, it has been a while since I was scared someone was lying under the bed. Not that it’s an enjoyable feeling, but it was oddly nice to simultaniously know that the entire emotional set up was caused by reading fiction and not a mind that had spun out of control. It was nice to actually be able to say “nothing’s there” and believe it.


Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Seems like “no” – not only did Slipknot surprice us with All Out Life, but my Spotify one morning told me “hey, there’s a new album from The Prodigy. Wanna hear it? Or Dismiss”.

I dismissed…

Sorry, I did because at that point (5 days ago) I was already starting to be too exited and overwhelmed and I just couldn’t deal with it at that point. But here’s the thing: I have to learn to switch off social media when I’m starting to hit my wall. I mentioned my curiousity already, right?!

Well, dismissing Spotify notifications, and later seeing Alicia Dove writing on Twitter that the new Prodigy album is on fire – I mean… it’s like fucking trying to avoid hearing “Last Christmas” by Wham during Christmas season! Of course I couldn’t let it go, once I read that comment. So back to Spotify I went…

And – oh my sweet white horses – it’s amazing. The feel took me back to the Charly days, with a hint of Voodoo People and Firestarter. It literally seems like everything they have done and achieved has been destilled, refined and enhanced. I relived my teenage years and early adulthood again, not that those years were great, because those were also the years when I really started to feel isolated and alienated, as you can read in The Alien Life – A Life with Aspergers – but I discovered charts and radio stations in those years and my genre horizon in music expanded like crazy – The Prodigy entering as the odd kid, the misfit – something I could easily relate to. Much like when I came to know about Slipknot years later, I resonated deeply with their oddness, the pain and desperate anger. These two bands in each their genre take conventional music ideas and create ART. It is way more than sing-a-long and feeling like dancing. It reaches your core and caresses it, touches it, shakes it and tosses it around. That is what art does.

No Tourists is in the shaking and tossing area! I tried listening to it at modest volumes, but it seems like it’s a collection of tracks that insists on proper volumes and bass. Meaning “loud”. So if you live in an apartment like me, it’s either headphones or warning the neighbours and baking them a complimentary cake! In my case, social anxiety, it’s headphones. I have a feeling the pair I have is slowly breaking down… headphones don’t last that long in my company. Some people have the same pair for ages – I can “eat up” 2 or 3 pairs a year. I should probably get a sponsor in that area! Which headphones company could last a year with me? Would be fun to test, actually!


Another thing that has filled my senses this week is getting a few followers on Twitter that are bands. Loving music as much as I do, that is really a great gift to be introduced to something Spotify probably wouldn’t throw at me. I gotta be careful what I say, because I want to say smaller bands, because I hadn’t heard of them before, but they might be bigger than I know. I will high light one of them, that impressed me.

I have a few issues with parts of it, but this band still catches a feel that for some reason could be a soundtrack to the town I live in (Aalborg, Denmark): industrialized, powerful but simple, rather beautiful parts up against raw and scruffy parts. The sound of Aim To Head fascinates me and deserves to be mentioned in this bit about things that has affected my senses during the past week, because they certainly have gone on repeat too on my Spotify.

Take a listen for yourself. 

Finishing off this week with yet a dentist appointment, I guess it’s fair to say that my energy levels are now used up. So what I am going to do now, is – I’m going to pour myself a cup of warm coffee, publish this bit here and get it started on various platforms – and then I’m going to cover up the windows in the bedroom and take a nap for a few hours with earplugs to block out noise from the street and neighbours. Hibernation. 

We human aliens do that occasionally. 

Until I reemerge to human levels of being – take care of yourselves and your loved ones…and remember:

I luv ya!

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2 thoughts on “Week of Sensory Badassery”

  1. Your post totally conveys how full your head has been this week and busy you are. I think combining your posts was a good idea for you this time. Please correct me if I am wrong but I’m also assuming (based on your blog address) you write in English as a second language which must add extra stress when writing – you have a much better command of English and expressive wrtiting than I do.
    Have some great down time and I hope you feel more energised soon. My son (10 and ASD) has had a few weeks of Halloween, fireworks and his birthday and I can see him bubbling so it’s a very calm and chilled weekend for us with only a small amount of expectations.

    1. Hi sweetie. Yeah I think it was a good idea to combine, even if each of them deserved their own post. But I could just feel it was getting too much. Slept like a baby by the way And as already replied on Twitter, it is correct that English is 2nd language. I’m Danish, born and raised.
      Which is why your words on my English command is one of the best compliments I can get. It means a great deal to me to get it right…language, especially English and codes like morse and binary, are part of my special interest area.
      I’m getting a little more energized, but for the weekend I have narrowed things down to a few follow trains and reading some theory on SoMe platforms – if that gets too boring I have an upcoming post on the authorship of Corey Taylor I should read for.
      Oh I can imagine he had his mind filled up too… those are events that are so driven by expectation and excitement. Congrats to him, btw (you ARE English, right – suddenly I doubt my memory)…
      I hope you all get a nice and relaxed weekend❤️
      Linda xx

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